Tuesday’s Hissy Fit: The Coffee Pot

Ok. I like my coffee. A lot. It’s kinda funny if you think about it. I went to a few AA meetings after I woke up one morning with no idea why the man who had promised to love me forever, had tried to kill me. At that point, the doctors were not sure if I would ever be able to see out of my right eye again. (oops, I digress…)

LOL! No, the funny part is this. So, I went to a few AA meetings, right? And since I had promised (God) that I would never drink alcohol again, I was there more for the support and caring that went along with the group, than to get off the booze. But do you know what they DO at those meetings? They give you lots to become addicted to…instead. Like coffee. And cigarettes. Seriously.

The Coffee Pot

Ok. So! We all know how MUCH I love my coffee, right? And you all know how much of the time I spend in the field, guiding Summer Horseback Adventures, Big Game Hunters and Wintertime Excursion Adventurists too. I should really have stock in those little glass bubbles on top of my coffee pots. Lord only knows how many of them I buy a year!

What’s with those little bubble thingys, anyway? I mean, seriously, they are FOR boiling hot coffee to spew up and into, right? So-called tempered glass, that is actually made FOR this purpose, right? I am wondering why mine always break. Crack, shatter (usually into a really good pot of fresh coffee), poof, gone. Back to the trusty tinfoil. (And you DO know how I love my tinfoil!)

So I was pouring myself a cup of coffee this morning and I saw the brand spankin’ new bubble wobble. So I peaked inside at the bubble and what do I see?? I see the bottom third of the bubble sitting on top of the filter. WTH?! I just put that one in! Like…four days ago!

Now I am left wondering if I should just get off the coffee.

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17 Responses to Tuesday’s Hissy Fit: The Coffee Pot

  1. BaaWaaHahaaha..Oh*Snort/Spew..my keyboard is shot now! Only YOU could wreck just the bubble!!
    They only put the darn thing there so you can see when you coffee is the color you like to drink it! See you’re safe with tinfoil..Snickering..now I KNOW there’s a reason I don’t drink the stuff..Diet Pepsi rules!..yea..yea I know..you’d have to order in bulk..no corner grocery store….but those Soda machines are awesome..once you get the hang of how much fizz to pump in and not blow up the bottle..(don’t ask!)

    Thanks for the laugh..sorry..LOL..NOT!!!!! Hehehehe..still chuckling….Tuesday trials and tribulations..now to clean my keyboard and screen…….

    As Always ~*~

      • I’m still Snickering..Sorry…not!..and the comments are not helping me stop…hehehehe. I’ve seen those pots in antique stores with the original dohingy on them! Hmm..
        Maybe you need one of those! *Snort…


        • Is “dohingy” a technical term?
          We aren’t supposed to use technical terms or jargen here.
          Oh. Cause HubSpot said so.
          Do you see that Miss #RockHot has her panties in a twist down there?
          Don’t you think that SHE would be the ULTIMATE Adventure??
          Me too.

          • Nope..”dohingy” is a Ann term for when she can’t remember the name of that dohingy, but you’ll know to hand it to me when the time comes! It’s kind of like having a whistlesnot moment.
            Oh Lordy..Ultimate Adventure for sure..you’d have to name a new one the #RockHot Adventure and put up a plaque that stated you survived it..LOL..

  2. Hi, Amber – today’s tip: don’t drink too much coffee while sitting at your computer; especially if you happen to have clumsy big hands. It’s just an accident waiting to happen :o

    Put the coffee down, Amber – hehe!

    • Mark.
      I still listen to the Boss yap at me about our first computer….waaaay back then…. $8k worth of a desk top with all the trimmings and what was the first thing I did? Yep. Dumped my coffee ALL OVER IT. Yep. That was me.

      So. No more coffee by my keyboard! LOL…but seriously, did you just call me fat? And what about those dang bubble-thingies?

  3. OMG. Little did I know when I jested at you in Bloggers Unite that you were indeed cooking coffee over a camp fire. So, maybe you just need to make a stand of some sort to get that coffee pot away from the fire so close so the bubbles won’t be heated to burning the plastic bubble catcher on the top?

    What. You wanna sue those jamokes for making the coffee pot only appropriate for a gas stove in the house and not a roaring campfire in the middle of nowheresville Alaska?

    • GOD! I HAVE to get you up here, you GIRL.
      I am not cooking campfire coffee.
      I am using one of the stainless steel coffee pots to make coffee on my stove, in my kitchen!
      …And the damn bubble thingies keep breaking!
      Jayme. They are supposedly MADE for this. (And more!! like that campfire!!)
      Jamokes, is absolutely right! Sue them?? Who has the time? (I’ll just write a post!)
      Hey. It is CHISANA, go ahead, say it with me, “Shoo-shan-na” Not! “nowheresville”. That is located about 673 miles North. (thank you very much!)

  4. I stopped using pots with the bubble think on top years ago. Those are for the kitchen. :-) I’ve used granite wear coffee pots over campfires for 20 plus years. They are great if you don’t mind a few coffee grounds in your cup. :-)

    • Hey! I have never used a granite wear coffee pot! I’ll look into one right away! LOL, I don’t mind cowboy coffee! I just hate having my stuff break! Thanks for sharing.
      P.s.? THREE dogs and a tent?! LOL, that could be one wet tent!

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