Vital Peace Found with Spiritual Retreat

With the pressures of living, being mom, teacher, manager and a professional guide; living with Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska is an incredible blessing for me. The vital peace my soul craved was found here and the same peace is shared with all that experience the Spiritual Retreat, a Horseback Adventure, that awaits you too.

It sits in the Chisana Valley. Medicine Man Mountain. The vast space undisturbed by progress and the rush of tomorrow. The Spiritual Retreat offers indescribable beauty and natural rawness. Surrounded only by the ragged peaks of the mountains to give you a safe, peaceful feeling.

Spiritual Retreat

I have stood in places that fill you with so much understanding, ridden through the great gift of this pure untouched wilderness. I was was brought to life in this place, by this land and by the horses that I depend upon and whom depend on me.

Personal discovery, tapping our potential, finding our courage is a constant battle for each of us at some point in our busy lives. Being still isn’t even an option in so many of our lives. So many obligations and pulls on us, expectations and wishes.

Wanting to live a life with positive, productive and willing, good heart. To know that each of us has a real purpose, productive, is valued, loved and wanted.

~One person, who has stood where I have stood in time if not in physical space, sent this to me and said, “share this.”  ~ I think today is a good day to share it.

Serenity and Old Souls…..

You know who you are, those who see things more deeply than the rest, who find themselves alone, even when surrounded by friends….whose gaze often time is turned in..

It’s not such a bad thing….

Finding meaning where many do not, beauty within those things .. thoughts and feelings, words.

You know the ones, when you cannot hold them within anymore, and while you write them, emotions flood through you as waves, and when they are out, a feeling of Serenity passes through you.


I have known this, felt this upon me, warm, as a lover’s breath, a touch soft and wanting, needing then.

I have stood upon It’s mountain, felt It’s cool wind upon my brow, I have reached for it, as I have reached to no other, It’s arms are fleeting, moving slowly from me, although I move unto It, It cannot hear me, does not know I am there, I can close my eyes, breath softly, regain this, touch once more.

A Meadow, soft and lush as such as I have never known, so welcome here, smell the fragrance of the flowers, wild, untamed, free then, fill me with this, I can feel you all, your colors true upon my eyes, brilliant, I can touch you all, hold you in my hands, time is not, time is fleeting, unreal unto me, unknown in this moment True.

A pond, alive, soothing in the sun, cold but refreshing, meant, dark, but full of life, a mist, calm and lazy, hangs near in watch, hiding, I cannot breath, but for the beauty, rise from those comforting arms.

A path, lost then in the mist, receding, beckons me on, to follow, come it whispers, know of me, this place grows old, follow then, ever so slowly, know of It’s mystery.

Serenity it calls, come forth now, bend and feel my Earth, smell and you will see me, with eyes closed now, hold this, hold this moment within, that you will always find me.

I follow, eyes closed, I know the way without knowing, find the way without finding, I am eyes now, floating within the welcome home of Our Mother, trees move aside that She will show me of Truth, the blue sky above, such warmth, moonlight cannot bathe, it’s silver shower fleeting, She whispers to me, I whisper back.

Welcome, She speaks with no voice.

Thank you, I speak with my own.

A Mountain, tells me of Age, tells me of Eyes, unmoving, uncaring I believe, so wrong, sorrow I hear. Lonely that place so far, cold there, I am small, I am one, The Mountain knows, wisdom, thank you I say unto this moment, the mountain sleeps, the mountain knows of us all.

The wind, it touches so softly, I am of it, I know this, I am within, soaring, I did not know of you, your softness, your touch so cool upon me, again, I am held, close now, my eyes close, I am thought, I am all things yet none.

I am drifting, falling, caught, I rise, no thought now, no place, but Here……. ..I smile and feel as I am Home.

~AJL (@equuisdancer)

@equuisdancer is a dear, dear friend who, while she has never been here, in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters during this time we have shared on Earth… it’s true. But our friendship from the first moment has given me the insight to know, deeply and with no confusion or doubt inside me…. she has been here. She has stood where I have stood. She has felt; mind, body and soul, what I have felt. She knows what I have learned. She too, found the vital peace her essence cried out for.

We would love to share what was found here, centuries ago, with you.

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  1. I forgot about this! I went to the Great Northwest and fell in love with the mountains but I never dreamed I’d ever be standing there with you except in my heart and soul, when I sent it to I’m just smiling!!!!

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