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As I was checking links and gathering detailed information to respond to an inquiry that came to me through email this morning, I realized that these pointed questions are exactly the precise points I have worked so hard to share with the world. That these questions might be exactly the same questions that you might ask. These are the “need to know” details to the Adventure you are dreaming of.

Need to Know



Which month is the best to visit?           August or September

~ From your choices, I would say that August is the best (Weather and the beginning of the Autumn color change.)

My personal choice of best month to visit would be July. It has just begun to be truly dark again, so the stars are shining, the weather is typically wonderful- unless it is raining. Then it is just wonderfully wet, lol.

How many people are on each trip?                  Min and Max

~ Each trip is designed for what you (each person) wants. So in answer I would say between 1-6 people. For example, say that you would prefer to have others along (not counting your guide and wrangler)… then if others were happy with the same, we would combine the groups. If not- if you only wanted your own team on your trip- so be it!

What is the average length of trip? – I was thinking of a 5 or 7+-day trip.

Or average and typical Horseback Adventure is 10 days. Yes, we do have our Mini-Adventures created especially for road-travelers to jump on the twice-weekly mail plane in and out.

And we offer a 7-Day Adventure… however… What I have seen, witnessed, heard and felt myself, as a guide is that these 5 and 7 day Adventures are frustrating. They are simply too short. Like finding only the last half -swallow of water in your water bottle when you reach the top the mountain and are incredibly thirsty. It is refreshing… but nowhere near enough.

Which of your trips are the most popular? Why?

~ Most popular? I would say out of all of our offerings, that the Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip (“Lily”) and The Chisana Gold Rush Adventure are tied for demand and favorites.

Lily is our 10-Day Adventure that sets you up in a camp that shows off Alaska’s Autumn and is photographers dream when it comes to color and activity from our wild and frisky neighbors. It is labeled as a Photo Safari on the website.

The Chisana Gold Rush is also a favorite for those who want to add a bit more history to their Adventure and to be an active part of that history as well as taking a part of that back home to remember always. Learning to pan for gold, feeling the cold hard ground beneath you are you work to scrape mud and gravel out of the crevices that high waters deposit the gold into… these are things one never forgets being a part of.

This adventure, like all of them, is surrounded by the rugged beauty of the mountains surrounding you and as you ride through, over and around them you can feel the spirits of the passionate and determined frontiersmen and women who came here first. The wildlife is plentiful and always wandering through and around.

Which areas are the best to see in your area? 

~ Lol, that one is a funny question. There is nothing I would miss!    I would only add to the above question one more- the Skookum Adventure. Time and evidence. There is no other place in Chisana where my rock-hound’s heart is satisfied!

You will want to see, touch, smell, climb on and photograph a glacier and the wild critters. Being here, at the site of the last historic Gold Rush seems that it is also a must-experience and simply riding, riding and riding will take care of the rest.

How much for a deposit?

~ Your deposit secures your selected time-frame. Depending on how early (prior to your Adventure) you schedule your Adventure, your deposit is 25%- 50% of the cost of your Adventure.

Trip Costs?

5-Day Mini Adventure …Price per person: $2,500.00

7 Day Adventure … Price Per Person: $3,150.00            

10 Day Adventure … Price Per Person:  $4,500.00

Horseback Fitness Adventure    …21-Days $6,800.00 

Additional days to stay / *per day:  $600.00

Children are ALWAYS welcome!
Age 5 and younger……..FREE**

*As availability permits.

**Children aged 5 and under ride with a parent or with the lead guide, not alone.

Group discounts are available for 8+ people.

Need to Know

Why I should choose your outfit?

~ You should choose Pioneer Outfitters to lead you and your party on the Adventure of your dreams because we consider ourselves in the memory-business. You are the most important detail to any of our Adventures. Your pleasure, your safety and your happiness are our priorities at all times. The Wrangell St. Elias National Park is the largest National Park in the United States. It is a World Heritage Site and is the largest protected wilderness in the entire world. It is also the site of the last historic Gold Rush.

Do you own your own horse stock?

~ We do own our own horses. Our range horses live here, in Chisana year-round as we do. They are familiar and steady over and through the variety of terrains that the Alaska Wilderness offers as well as being familiar with the icy rivers that we will cross.

What is your safety record like?

~ We have a perfect safety record (knock on wood) because we leave nothing to chance. We are trained for Wilderness emergency trauma and live by the mantra “Never give even and even chance.”

Have you had an emergency situation on a pack-trip?

~No, we have never had an emergency situation on any of our Adventures, Excursions or Big Game Hunts. We have guided handicapped individuals all over the wilderness and up mountains, we have laughed along with elderly couples enjoying Winter Excursions on Snow machines and Spring Bird Hunting. We have prepared for and enjoyed young Hunt of a Lifetime hunters, those amazing young humans who fight to survive everyday the evil of cancer and we have taught and guided young teenagers on their first wilderness Adventures.

Are you a member of the BBB or an Outfitter Guide Association? If so which one? (Permitted Stock Outfitters like in Yellowstone and the National Parks Service)

~ No. We are professionally licensed Alaska Guides and are Lifetime Members of The Foundation For North American Wild Sheep, the NRA, Alaska Professional Hunters Association and various others.

Need to Know

How long have you been in business?

~ Pioneer Outfitters, has well over nine decades of year-round living and experience in and of the Alaskan Wilderness. Since 1924, Pioneer Outfitters has been doing exactly the same things, in the same areas of the Alaska wilderness as it does today. Leading clients and guests into the wilderness on horseback across rivers, up mountains, through the wide-open areas and thick forests.

Chisana is our home. We live here, work here, play here, explore and wonder here. All year round, we work, chase and ride our range horses, cut wood, haul water, see, photograph, monitor, hunt and trap the wild critters, go for walks, snow machine across miles and miles of tundra, through passes, over ice and glaciers, snow shoe into places that the snow machines can’t reach and fly over it all in low and slow bush planes like the Super Cub or fly higher and see the bigger picture in the Cessna 206.

Do I need special insurance while on a packtrip (heli-evac insurance)?

~ We do not require that you have emergency evacuation insurance, but it is certainly a good back up and security to have.

AIG is a great place to begin. ~> http://www.travelguard.com/travelinsurance/adventure/

Do you offer just pack trips or do you do Hunting trips as well?

~ We do! Pioneer Outfitters operates year-round.

Pioneer Outfitters offers a variety of true Alaskan Adventures for you to choose from. Pioneer Outfitters can take you on a Winter Excursion, share with you the mystical Northern Lights, a Photo Safari unlike any other of its kind, a 10-day cross country horseback pack trip and show you around the remains of the last historic gold rush.

We will teach you to pan for gold, lead you across magnificent glaciers. Climb with you to peaks above the clouds and you come closer to the great mountain animals than you have ever dreamed. Enjoy Winter Predator hunts, Spring Bird Hunting or on your Alaska Big Game hunt to the majestic animal you are in pursuit of. Timer Wolves, Wolverine, Fox, coyote, ermine, beaver and martin, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears and Dall Sheep are some of the critters that may be encountered.

Any outfitter that isn’t reputable? 

~ Honestly, not that I am aware of. Alaska as well as the Alaska Guide Board work very hard to make sure that you are safe (above all else) and incredibly satisfied with your Alaska Adventure.

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  2. This is great! Thank you for taking the time to answer basic questions that you probably think are not inspiring – but they are to me.

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