Wilderness Horseback Adventure in Alaska

Are you ready to do something really different? Have you ever thought of taking a trip unlike any other? A real Alaskan Adventure. A wilderness horseback Adventure to beat all others, a wilderness horseback Adventure in Alaska!

The Wilderness Horseback Adventure, offered in the interior of Alaska, deep inside, and very remote, in the Wrangell St.Elias National Park and Preserve.

Horseback Adventure

There are many beautiful places in this great state. Too many to ever see on any one vacation.

There are some incredible options that visitors to Alaska enjoy completely. With excellent service and Alaska’s gifts to share. From $530.00 for a day’s ride and flight seeing with Alaska Horseback Shore Excursions to choices by the hour or beginning at a 5 Day Pack Trip with Alaskan Husky and Horse Adventures at $1,500.00. It would be difficult to make a wrong choice.

Many people fly to Alaska, as well as take the Alaska Highway to travel that way, starting from home or after flying into Alaska. They see what can be explored from a road, most often.

In doing this, they miss what Alaska was, and what it still is, where man cannot take over.

The Wrangell-St.Elias National Park and Preserve is a unique and outstanding National Park.

Forbidding at times, awesome in it’s beauty.

Majestic and powerful by nature, with her proud, rugged mountains, chiseled out of solid rock. Crumbled and worn in places by only nature, herself, but true to what they are.

To be surrounded by the enormity of the world as far as you can see.

Untouched, unspoiled, the raw beauty of this great land we call home. The immensity, the unbelievably endless space, here on earth, that enfolds us, the quiet.

And yet, the air itself can be heard as it breathes, alive.

The stars are brighter than any city’s lights. Being so completely alone and small; to feel so completely protected, nestled against and nurtured by something so powerful and immense.

From day trips to gentle pack trips to glacier walks, exploring the remains of the last historic gold rush and pan for gold with one of the only remaining miners, and cross country roving pack trips…and everything in between.

The horses are part of the living history of the area and of the state.

They live here, as range horses, year round. They are familiar with the waters, bogs, brush and even the likely critter or two.

Sure footed and gentle, the horses add to the entire experience and help shed whatever may be weighing on your “real world” shoulders.

To explore the wilderness with the Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro Team, who aren’t just a group of guides. They are the loyal, smart, tough men and women connected as a team with the common goal to be the best, period.

To be right, to protect and to guide, to lead others in the right direction through the wildest country and through tough decisions.

The way we were trained and the way we train young men and women that come to Pioneer Outfitters to be wilderness or big game hunting guides is with one simple (so to speak) goal in mind: To be the best.

To be the most knowledgeable, experienced, enjoyable companion, to any guest they lead or assist with. To know when that guest moves on to head home, they will never forget us, their guide, or the incredible experiences of the vacation in Alaska.

Pioneer Outfitters is a family run Professional Guide Service that operates in the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and Preserve. Chisana is only accessible by small aircraft and is nestled in the beautiful Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountains.

Since 1924, Pioneer Outfitters has been taking people into the wilderness and wilds of Alaska.

What you are doing is not nearly as important
as how you feel about what you are doing.
~Clifton Burke

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