Will You Survive?

Will You Survive?In the 2010-2011 Alaska Hunting Regulations, I was struck by a section of the letter that Corey Rossi, the Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation, wrote.

“First and foremost, we as a society are losing our connection with the land.”

~Stop. Think about that.

Ok, to continue…

“For many, the importance of open space, abundant fish and wildlife populations and clean water and air are being displaced by modern conveniences and access to the latest technology. Such a trend can lead to apathy toward the things that we hunters hold dear and can lead to a misunderstanding of the importance of a healthy natural world to our quality of life. Although this trend may be less apparent in Alaska than in other states, we are not immune to its detrimental effects.”

Hunter or not, I cannot imagine a world that this great wilderness and all the wild places on our planet do not exist.

Survival, you and the wild places

The children, playing hide and seek, cowboys and Indians, and other wonderful fantasies that the forests and wooded areas spark inside of our young ones. Photographers, couples walking hand in hand through the light dappled by the wind moving the trees above.

The wonderful feeling of riding a horse through the wilderness as his steady gait takes you further and easier to places you will discover. The uniqueness of his steps, so familiar to the wild critters that live here too, don’t frighten or warn those critters back into hiding, and giving you the opportunities to see and photograph the amazing animals that you come across.

My next thought, is what about survival skills? Who will teach people to safely navigate these wild places and how to survive…. if there are none?
Ok, if there are no wild places, no wild animals, why should anyone learn to survive?

Survival, you and the wild placesSurvive what?

This in turn, reminded me of something else I had read recently by J. Wayne Fears in his book, The Complete Book of Outdoor Survival.

“Why should anyone learn survival skills? This is the 21st Century. Survival training is no longer necessary.”

Well, Mr. Fears has his opinions of this statement, and shares them in his book. My own are similar and with the passage of time that overtakes all of us with its changes and progress, I stand aside full of worry.

Are we capable of survival, of surviving, if the phone you pick up has no dial tone or the internet fails, the lights don’t turn on with the flick of a switch, water doesn’t appear like magic from a faucet, with choices in temperature? What will happen if the gas stations are empty or the groceries aren’t delivered to the stores that sell them? What happens when there really isn’t any money?

What then?

Survival, instinct or learned?Whether or not anything “happens” at the end of 2012, making a good living at this point in time has become increasingly difficult and for many, it has already become an issue of survival.

Food and shelter are the first two needs for survival. Hunting, fishing, scavenging and  foraging are skills necessary for food, thus survival.

Shelter. You need to be able to escape Nature’s hand as well. Can you make fire if your Bic runs dry? How will you stay warm? How will you cook food to survive on?

These are only a few points of the Survival & Guide Training covered. Yes, we do have the horses, but what if someone is lost and hurt? No sane human sets out thinking to himself, “today would be a great day to get lost and hurt.” So the worst happened. Are you capable of making the right decisions? Pioneer Outfitters will give you the skills and sharpen what you bring, so that you not only can make the right decisions, you will.

Are you ready to do something, bigger than even you hoped? Are you determined to be ready, when the time comes, because it does to us all, to be the one that leads the way? To do something that has been part of our history and future, from the start?

Do you want to be part of our Team?
Do you understand what Alaska Guides really are?
Let’s Do it!

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3 Responses to Will You Survive?

  1. Amber survival is very important , no matter what age or era we live in it is a necessity, Im not hunter and I have a very poor sense of direction LOL however I will find a way too survive,even if its just out of pure determination and stubburness, I wont give up , or quit.I will put up a good fight to the bitter end. alot of people just would not even try to survive ans that is sad they must just know they cant .

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head and I have no solution. The Midwest is grappling with a string of storms that has put power outages squarely on their plate. Heck, I had no computer for awhile and I was a goner. But, then there was a cell phone and an iPad, right?

    None of us in these here parts of the US know the value of self sufficiency. We are spoiled and can’t even start a fire without butane lighters.

    I admire what you do and I wish all the kids had to take a class that required them to fend (not a boy scout or girl scout thing) but a mandatory training for “what if…”?

    • Jayme I do agree! People, especially children NEED to know how to survive. I don’t mean it in a way that wolves are suddenly gonna over-run cities or reapers trying to take over- but how to build a fire, without the handy Bic, to be able to find water to know how to build a shelter, or how about the first lesson of LOST….Stay still, stay there.

      It is way more serious than can be put down in a second. Yeah, if you were to move up here to Alaska, you may think, “oh, I better learn a bit of survival” but, children go out and play, walk to the bus, encounter situations that “never happen.” We teach our children things like “don’t talk to strangers” and “look both ways before crossing a street” but are children taught how to know if they can drink the water that is in the park they wandered into and ended up lost in?

      And, Jayme, survival is well and good, but still, even I panic when the internet goes down or when my best buddy MAC starts acting funny!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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