Winter Excursions with Alaska Chick

Winter Excursions~What I would really like to share with you is what it feels like to run across the crusty ice with the tiny needles of ice in the wind you are making. The icy cold hitting your sunburnt face feels like a glory after all the exertion and work it took to reach the crest on a snow-machine. (“snowmobile” to you folks in the Lower 48)

To help you feel the hot sun, to see the Alaska blue, blue sky, the crisp white peaks, the moist air, to smell the pure air. I would like to know you’ve floated across the unbroken white blanket that smoothes and rolls over the endless tundra, skipped across the open channels sending waves of water over the ice.

To explain that the Winter Excursions in the Interior of Alaska, in this nation’s largest National Park, the Wrangell St.-Elias, in the wintertime with Pioneer Outfitters is truly an Alaskan Adventure.

The Northern Lights above Chisana
The Northern Lights above Chisana

To share this magnificent land, one of the last places on earth that the incredible true darkness still reaches. The mysterious Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky with it’s blues, greens, reds and orange streaks and leaps and once (with my own eyes!), a bubbling witch’s cauldron.

A midnight ride is so different, with the millions of stars, Orion’s Belt and the North Star, the Milky-way and the Northern Lights lighting the way. Perhaps that night the moon will be full and so huge, it will amaze you that it doesn’t fall out of the sky.

The quiet of the mountains has a different feel in the black of night. A feeling of space and air. 
Starting the day’s ride, maybe, with stopping across the river and watching the range horses gallop full out racing towards the sound of the snow-machines. (Hoping for a snack!) Their muzzles all frosted from the run, with their long winter coats giving them a medieval war horse aura.

We will race across the ice, splashing the one that rides too close with the rooster tail of water spraying behind. Power up and up, only to swing back and loop back down the mountain side we will conquer and summit.  Sit back and float across the snow, following the trail broke by your guide.

Winter ExcursionsComing home at the day’s end to a warm cabins, hot chocolate or a hot buttered rum, taking a hot sauna and gathering for a wonderful home-cooked dinner with the entertaining stories of your day.

The longest part of the year for us here at Pioneer Outfitters is after the Fall Hunting Season has ended and when there is enough snow and ice to begin with the Winter Excursions. The Winter Excursions take place from January until April. (or until the snow and ice leave us!)

I am looking forward to sharing the stories from this season’s Excursions with you all… when they begin! Oh, and Bill (you know I’m talking to YOU), yes, we supply the gear and remember, temperature is relative, it is just a number- don’t worry!


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