Women Adventurers and Women Hunters

Amber-Lee and Brenda, First Lady in Hunting, Brenda ValentinePioneer Outfitters has been providing horse pack-trip, sight-seeing, photography, winter excursions and hunting excellence since 1924.

As a professional woman in a field that is still mainly enjoyed by men, I am sitting here today writing to you.  The women I’ve met since becoming an Alaska Guide have shared so much with me, taught me and enriched my life.

I’d like for more women to come with us and see all there is in this unspoiled wilderness.  Wildlife photography, glacier walks, winter excursions, horseback riding (no experience necessary) and hunting…with experienced guides helping you every step of the way.

Chisana GirlsThere has been an outstanding increase of girls and women in hunting since the early 1990’s.  If you teach a man to hunt, he goes hunting.  If you teach a woman to hunt, the entire family goes hunting.

Likewise for getting the family out into the wilderness, to enjoy and share what this beautiful land has to offer us all.  Women and young people are, as in everything, a critical part in the future of hunting and fishing and we here at Pioneer Outfitters are committed to teaching and encouraging this tradition.

Girls of Pioneer OutfittersWith Pioneer Outfitters at your side every step of the way, your safety and pleasure are our first priority, always.  Whether you leave Chisana with a new confidence or a revitalized one, when you share it with the other girls and women in your life the experience multiplies, as does the pleasure.

I hope I can continue to be part of these experiences, and share them with you.  I would love to help you plan your trip to Chisana, for a Horseback Adventure, Big Game Hunt or Winter Excursion.

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