Women in the Outdoors: Adventure Begins in Alaska

Women in the Outdoors: Adventure Begins in AlaskaWomen in the Outdoors: Adventure Begins in Alaska is the sixth in the series that I hope, brings women into the wild places to receive the incredible gifts the wilderness has to offer us all.

Women in the Outdoors is my way of offering my own experiences, in a step-by-step, right by your side, sort of way.

In our last post, Your Outdoors Checklist, we had decided to use Pioneer Outfitters (that’s us!) Horseback Wilderness Adventure to base our plan on.

(I’m really excited about this!)

I will do my best to liken the preparations those of you that will be joining us on our “Queen’s” Adventure to an adventure anywhere, enjoying any outdoor activity.

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your smile!! (Or hear about your adventure, outdoors!)

First, you have decided that this adventure is the right one for you. (Queen, here in Chisana, Alaska with Pioneer Outfitters or a different one closer to where you call home.) Yea for you!

I wrote out 15 Steps that helps folks to choose their unique Horseback Adventure awhile back and that seems to help folks heading to us, tons.

Any place you are heading, away from home, will have some hoops you may have to navigate to get it all rolling. For example, you may simply need someone’s permission. You may need to fill out paperwork (Our paperwork consists of your contract and multiple insurance releases, for riding the horses mostly, but some are because you will be riding in the National Park.) You may need to apply for  permits or buy a hunting, trapping or fishing license, if they are required for the adventure you are planning.

Ok. Now, if you are going to head into your Adventure away from home, you will (and should) receive a Welcome Packet. Our Welcome Packet provides you with photos, gear lists that you will need to bring, options available to you once you arrive, and tips to make your travel easier. Our own also includes a break down of all the average costs for you to take into consideration for planning your trip.

Be sure to ask ANY questions that may occur as you plan and dream in the weeks or months ahead! No question is a stupid question. If it is something you don’t know and are wondering about, ask away!


Ok. Now that you have chosen your Adventure and the paperwork is on it’s way, it is time to get ready. Our Horseback Adventures are designed with all ages and all experience levels (including none). To optimize your enjoyment of your entire Adventure in Alaska (or anywhere) we strongly recommend some sort of daily exercise prior to your departure. (Yes, start today!)

Adventure Begins in Alaska

I am a faithful believer in horseback riding being the best all – around exercise for your entire body. There is no better way to get ready for a Horseback Adventure, than to ride. (And ride, and ride.)

If you will be going on a hike, start walking; if you are going on a hunting adventure, keep up with your target practice; if you have your adventure picked out, do what you will be doing.

Here is something I have heard from numerous guests over the years: the air is different. When coming from a lower elevation, at times our guests will say they are out of breath and that there really is no easy way to prepare for that. Our ground elevation on our airstrip in Chisana is 3,200 feet. When we climb, we often climb to between 4,500 and 6,500 feet.

All right! You have chosen your dream adventure and your Welcome Packet is on it’s way and you have begun to ready yourself physically for an adventure of a lifetime.

During our next get together, we will discuss a few skills that will help you feel more confident about handling typically unplanned incidents while you are in the wilderness.

We all feel more in control and safer, when we, ourselves have the skills to survive, whether we ever need them or not. Those, I will share with you.

If you enjoyed this post in Women in the Outdoors, you may want to check the others out in the Wednesday’s Women, Women in the Outdoors series.

If you would like to join us this year on an Alaska Adventure of your dreams, be sure to Contact Us!

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3 Responses to Women in the Outdoors: Adventure Begins in Alaska

  1. ” No question is a stupid question.” I have to say you are the best at answering any and all questions. I think I probably asked you the most silly and stupid questions you thought you’d ever hear..I’m probably not done asking yet either..lol..BUT, you answered every single one, seriously and in detail, without a snicker (that I could hear anyway) LOL and if I didn’t understand you patiently explained again, and again. That is a very re-assuring thing for someone coming to a far and unknown place, especially a woman maybe coming alone. Ladies..Amber is Awesome at this!
    Ahh the air is different in the mountains. That I learned from experience. Not only thinner, that didn’t seem to bother me, but what is 65* here, and that’s bare feet, shorts and tank top weather for me..65* in the mountains I was cold! I did get used to it after 10 days, esp. seeing the sun seemed so much warmer!
    Another thing I was told was a must..and something I never use here, was polorized sun glasses..I brought them thinking I’d never wear the..I hate glasses of any sort, but I wore them constantly..yes the light and sun is different!
    I thought too I was used to using and wearing a backpack..until I did a LOT of climbing and hiking with it on all the time..I’d sure pack it and wear it to excercise and ride with ahead of time so it’s adjusted.
    All this information is so cool!
    I’m still trying to find the boots..LOL

    As Always ~*~

    • What I would like to know is why are boots so hard to find? Actually, I fell head over heals in love with my Muck boots last year! Pink (yeah, yeah, Of Course they are!), knee high, arctic Muck boots. They are incredibly comfortable, easy to ride in (yes, they fit in my stirrups nicely) and surprisingly easy to walk in. The only thing that was negative at all about them was that they ARE rubberized- you WILL sweat (even if like me, you never have before), and they are dang near impossible to get dry over a camp fire. I bring old newspaper with me and crunch it up, shove it into them at night, and if we have a camp stove, I try to rig them upside down (difficult, not impossible) up in the warm air and by morning, they were either dry or at the very least, much drier.

      All questions are good questions. And if you don’t understand the answer, it wasn’t a good enough answer. I think it was Albert Einstein that said if you can’t explain it easily, you don’t understand it well enough. (or something like that)

      GOOD point! Yes! I hate back packs, personally. I have a condition called “Chest wall pain” and wearing a back pack ALWAYS, without fail, inflames the condition. My hands and arms go to sleep, my chest actually swells (no, boys, not THAT part of my chest), and basically, it feels like I am having a heart-attack. I have bought MANY back packs, been professionally fitted for them, all kinds… I hate them all! But. They are necessary. So, be sure to wear yours. With at least what you plan on carrying with you! (Hey, I wrote about that too!)

      Oh yeah, I always forget the sunglasses. I don’t forget to wear them, I simply always forget to mention them! They are as much a part of what I wear as pants. (You wouldn’t forget to put your pants on, right?) The sun is very different here. VERY hot, very intense. And it is very easy to forget because it is chilly most of the time, because of the breezes coming from all of the ice.

      See? You always have my back, Ann. Thanks.

      • Those elusive Boots..lol..I have never found a pair that my feet DIDN’T sweat in! Which is why I always wore tennis shoes to ride in! Winter boots, but then we don’t ride far..even playing in the snow my feet are always cold..and wet…now your Bunny Boots sound great..but I’m thinking not for riding..doesn’t look like they’d fit in the stirrups! I was looking for comphy, leather with no liner that I could wear a zillion pairs of wool socks in..lol..but I’d take warm when wet over anything! I thought you walked so well in the Muck boots cause you wear them so much and have talent..hehhe..
        I’m sure you wrote about Sunglasses too, but I was kind of like..”right” when I was told they were a necessity..They sure were! So really Peeps! When your told something is needed by Amber..it IS..It’s a whole different world you’re going to! All this good Info is so you ENJOY the Adventure! :)

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