Women in the Outdoors: Alaska Horseback Adventure

Your Alaska Horseback Adventure is going to be an experience of a lifetime. (Truth!)

Alaska Horseback Adventure

Women in the Outdoors, the series to help you feel more confident and capable of enjoying the great wild places and wilderness continues today with giving you more insight to your Alaska Horseback Adventure.

In our past posts, Women in the Outdoors gently walked and talked to you about how and why it is so important that you take the time to live your dreams, to experience your adventures, fear-free.

There is nothing that compares, for me as a Professional Guide, than guiding and leading women into the Alaskan wilderness. A guest alone or a group of girl-friends who enjoy sharing their adventure with each other, each woman brings with her the need for the untouched wild place that surrounds Chisana.

The first steps in the journey of your Alaska Horseback Adventure were taken before you ever left your comfort zone, in your own familiar environment at home. As the time approaches, with the coming of Spring, your Adventure is just around the corner.

When you arrive, I’ll be there to meet you. Master Guide Terry Overly and maybe a few of the crew will also welcome you, as you step off the plane onto our airstrip. We’ll escort you to your cabin and point out a few of the buildings and other cabins to give you a sense of direction and lead you to the Lodge to introduce you to everyone else.

After finishing up your paperwork and a late lunch or after dinner, we will let you get settled in and show you where the shower house and sauna are located. If there is time, (depending on your arrival time) we’ll get you fitted to your saddle and introduce you to a few of our horses that will be our companions during your adventure.

You’ll be able to go through all your gear and repack for the adventure, joining us around the fire if you wish. We will head out after breakfast the next morning and the adventure shifts into high gear.

Depending on the Adventure you chose, we will ride out with the horses packed and being led by our trainees and your guide. Your guide (as well as the trainees) will be taking pictures…. constantly! We want you to have as many photos and videos as you may like to remember your Alaska Horseback Adventure by.

We will ride and see what we see, heading towards the camp we will use as a base for your Adventure, unless you chose a “roaming” Adventure. We will most likely encounter or spot various wildlife and you will definitely see breathtaking vistas, the grand and sparkling glaciers, old and abandoned Indian and trapper cabins, the icy and delicious waters and surrounded always by the rugged and mighty Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges.

When we reach the camp, we’ll get everything set up and I’ll start dinner as my crew get the horses settled and fire started. We’ll have an easy night, chatting, getting to know each other and what you hope to see and experience while you are with us here in Chisana.

Will we go fishing tomorrow? Or pan for gold? Will we simply ride and enjoy the world we live in? It is up to you!

Have you been following along with Women in the Outdoors series? Here they are, to read or share:

You are going to be part of all the wonderful experiences that we know will be part of our year! Right? I mean, you are, right?

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6 Responses to Women in the Outdoors: Alaska Horseback Adventure

  1. How can anyone not want an Adventure like this! This is such a Great series, you’ve done a Fabulous job showing all Women how easy (with a bit of work!) it can be to undertake a huge trip like this AND be prepared to totally enjoy it!

    As Always ~*~

  2. Oh my gosh. This post (and so many of the others!) call to me!! I LOVE that it’s not one size fits all but an adventure that we co-create together. It honestly sounds magical. Sharing with friends and family NOW. :)

    • Alli!
      Hi there, matey!

      There is NOTHING I have found that just fits all! It IS magical, spiritual… however you interpret the feelings that wash over you here in Chisana. I know “that something” is real, I have felt it and for over twenty years, Alli, I have watched others feel it… Maybe it is simply the nature of “Nature”… I don’t know. Maybe it is because it is one of those places on this ball we are all spinning on, no one has ever changed it… maybe it is what we are all supposed to “feel” ..anywhere. No concrete, no groomed trails, no machines, no exhaust… All I know for sure is that the feelings are real.

      And that is another thing! There have to be choices. How could I possibly make them FOR you (or anyone)?! The idea of following your dream is that it is yours…. not mine. I live my dream. Looking in from the outside, I live my life… but that isn’t all. It is my dream. There is nothing (other than to live in my house before my time here is done) else I really wish for. How could I offer any guest or client any different? For however many days they can be here? It really makes no never-mind to me which way we are going, every turn is something special, another picture in my heart.

      Thank you for being here, with me, Alli..
      ~ Amber-Lee

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