Women in the Outdoors: Gear Around the World

What about all my other friends? What about the women, around the world, who want to be outdoors and to have grand Adventures? Luckily, I have friends from all over the world, who can help me with what you may want to know!

Gear Around the World

For our guests and clients from outside the United States, sometimes a language barrier is the least of our concerns. Safety is of the utmost importance. For us, that means making sure our clients and guests have the gear they need to be warm and comfortable.

First, let us take a look at the gear list that I send all of our guests.

Sleeping bag / comfort range to -20* below zero
Sleeping pad 1” to 2” thick, inflatable (cots are not provided)
Rain jacket and pants
Riding boots (your choice)
Camp shoes or slippers
Heavy jacket
Light jacket
10 pair wool socks
4 pair pants
3 long sleeve shirts
2 sets of long underwear
Brimmed hat / Western or baseball
Wool sock hat
Rain Gear
Pocket knife (safety first!)
Digital Camera and charger (or 35 mm camera and film)
Flash light with extra batteries
Headlight with extra batteries
Chapstick, Bug-dope, sunglasses
2 pair gloves
Personal toilet articles
* Small backpack (for your lunch, emergency supply)
Strapping tape (handy to repack your boxes to mail)
100’ nylon rope (optional)
Binoculars (optional-if you would like!)
Spotting scope (optional-if you would like!)
Chaps (optional-but a definite plus for you!)
Your own saddle (Completely optional-certainly permitted)

Your *small backpack* is the one you wear. It doesn’t get left in your tent or on your horse, it is the one that has the bare essentials in it. The one that we all carry, that could save your life. Most often, it is the one you keep your lunch in and maybe an extra sweatshirt or a light jacket, but under the easy is the essentials we discussed in Your Outdoors Checklist.

I always have my camera pack with me, so I use this as my small backpack. Inside, I always find comfort in knowing that I have what I need.

Spare batteries, camera gps
Lens cleaning cloths
Wind proof lighter
Protein bars/snacks
Water bottle
Wind/rain jacket
Small First Aid Kit/eye drops
Small tarp
Hat and gloves (ziplocked)
Headlight and flashlight
Bug Dope/hand warmers (What season is it? I ALWAYS keep the hand warmers, not the dope!)
Pocket knife
Spot (personal locator)

Remember, the name of the game is Stay Safe. Fire, food, water and first aid.
Ok! Back to the point. Where do YOU find your gear, if you live some place that the words “Cabella’s” or “REI” mean nothing? I asked exactly that question, to friends, from around the world.

I sent out a call for help, across my Social channels,
“If you needed “Outdoor Gear” where is the first place you would look? What are the top “Outdoor Stores” in your area or country?”

Ameena, in France, told me that she would first (after raiding John’s closet) look at Decathlon France.

She also, along with other friends in and from Canada (like Gail!) mentioned that MEC or Mountain Equipment Coop, would be another place she would check.

Another, “friend of a friend” (my friend is Rochelle) lives in Hamburg, Germany. She recommended Globetrotter.

Cynthia, in Denmark says that the first place she would check is OutdoorXL.

My friend Steve, who lives in the UK, in a beautiful village called Ramsbottom, had three places he would check; Blacks, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and Millets. Blacks is his personal choice for a few different reasons. Reasons like that they make him feel as if they think on the same wavelength (his words!) and he knows he can count on the sizing availability.

I also had responses come in cheering on our home favorites of REI, Cabella’s and Bass Pro for all of our Outdoor, camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing gear, clothing and supplies.

One of my friends, Mila, mentioned that having no clue where to look, but she was game! She shared with me that first, she would begin her search online, where (the area and/or with the people) she planned on having her Adventure! She then shared that she would also search and find blogs about the type of Adventure she was planning and read what others had to say and share, while also looking for “tips” about the experience she was hoping to have.

Both Steve and Mila also during our chat, mentioned words like “the same wavelength” and “friendly” regarding what stores they would choose and why.

Another point that I have heard brought up by guests before was the need, want or desire for the store they (or you) chose would be one that the people who would be excited with them… the getting ready, outfitted and making sure they had what they needed.

This is an important one I believe. Not simply for “business” but the desire to be able to share the excitement of the Adventure, anyone may take, anywhere, with whom they are buying from.

Seriously. If the people are NOT excited, you may have to ask yourself, how much do they really know about the awesome trip, adventure or excursion I am about to embark on? How spot-on will their advice be? Will I end up with a bunch of stuff I have no need for just for a good sale?

So to all of you future Adventurists, from outside of the United States, remember, just ask lots of questions! We’ll help you through finding your own gear. “Outdoor Stores” is a great place to start and remember to enjoy this part of your Adventure as well.

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Thank you to all my wonderful friends, from all around the world, for chiming in and helping other Adventurers get their start in the beautiful outdoors.

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  1. I really want to know..How BIG is your camera bag!

    Ahh..the list..I thought it was mandatory to have that 1/2 pair of wool socks :) just kidding you!

    One cool thing about ordering online is you can have what you ordered sent directly to you there! Saves paying shipping costs twice esp. if it’s thing you’re not going to use at home, and you’re so kind to store what comes.

    Always nice to see the list again! What kind of boots was that???

    As Always ~*~

    • You and those boots.
      What size again? I’m gonna GET you a dang pair of boots!
      And yes! VERY good point! About the fact of mailing gear directly to yourself, in care of us. Hmm… maybe I oughtta go over that part again.
      LOVE you!!

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