Women in the Outdoors Series

This series is written with women in mind and as a woman myself, living in the remote fly-in area of the Alaskan wilderness and a Professional Horseback and Big Game Hunting Guide, I consider myself a pretty good source of information.

Women in the Outdoors

Women in the Outdoors touches on, and hopefully answers and relieves, the concerns and issues that women have shared with me and the hurdles I too faced becoming an outdoors woman. I am the first to admit that living in the world here in Chisana and working with the Alaskan Guides and being exposed to and learning from so many Alaskan Sourdoughs and Master Guides; this is indeed still a man’s world.

As true as that may be, I am also of the mind and heart that I was raised with that being a woman is not a disadvantage in any way, shape or form, no matter what. (Well, unless you have to pee at -50* F.) The restraints of society’s acceptance and expectations are strange and straight out of an Edwardian period’s parlor with crumpets and weak tea. There actually has never been a time in the history of human kind that women weren’t as utterly capable and responsible for, at some time or another, everything that was supposedly a man’s domain.

Social Media and all of the wonders of technology have changed the world for women in the outdoors. It has brought to the collective public eye these facts as well as the passions and needs for the wild places and the activities we pursue in them (camping, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, hunting) that women too share with men as a part of the human race.

Women in the Outdoors Series

Introducing, Women in the Outdoors

Women in the Outdoors ~ Your Health Outdoors!

Women in the Outdoors: Six Steps to Safety First

Women in the Outdoors ~ Make a Plan

Women in the Outdoors: Your Outdoors Checklist

Women in the Outdoors: Adventure Begins in Alaska

Women in the Outdoors: What To Do When You’re Lost

Women in the Outdoors: The Survival State of Mind

Women in the Outdoors: Enjoy Your Adventure!

Women in the Outdoors: Safety For Women’s Adventures

Women in the Outdoors: Alaska Horseback Adventure

Women in the Outdoors: Comfort in the Details

Women in the Outdoors: Gear Around the World

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