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Top Choice – Summer Horseback Riding Pack Trip

Master Guide Terry Overly And Alaska Chick

Folks really love to hear from Master Guide Terry Overly.

So, since it is in my job description (I wrote it, I oughta know!) to serve, I decided to poke at him about which Summer Adventure was his favorite!

(I can do this, get the answers from the man, himself, because I am simply willing and able to follow him around and badger him until he answers the question!)

So, this time I asked,

Terry, after all the years, all the miles covered, all the guests and clients guided, which is YOUR personal favorite, ideal Summer Horseback Riding Adventure Pack Trip?

“My favorite Adventure would be the High Country Mountain Pass Adventure, including Horsefelt and Beaver Lakes fishing for greyling, Mackinaw Trout and Berbutt/Ling cod.

My ideal for this Adventure would be no less than 10 full days in the field, riding horses, 12 full days with Pioneer Outfitters.

Day 1, the top of the pass

Summer Horseback Riding


Day 1… We would leave Chisana riding East as far as we could go up Johnson Creek and camp.

Day 2… We would ride through the 7000’ pass dropping down into Snag Creek and journey along as far as we could go, heading towards Baltoff Creek.

USGS Crew, Terry Overly Guiding










Alaska Chick




Day 3 and 4… We would ride down Baltoff Creek and make camp at Horsefelt Lakes. We would fish and explore at Horsefelt Lakes before packing camp and moving on to Beaver Lake.





Day 5 and 6… We would do a little more fishing, take the boat out onto the huge lake and explore that area at our leisure.

Fishing the Lakes





Day 7… We would ride around Beaver Lake and drop back down into Johnson Creek, making an easy camp at the old Chisana Whore House.


Day 8 and 9… We would ride over the Chisana gold mines, by way of walking the Old Goat Trail and spend time panning for gold and exploring the district area of the last historic gold rush.

Walking the Old Goat Trail

Day 10… We would ride back into Chisana and home to a hot shower and home-cooked meal waiting for us.Gold Panning

This is my own favorite Summer Horseback Adventure to accompany guests on.”

Well, folks, it is hard to argue with him when he’s right. This is one of the best Adventures I have ever been on and it is always (even when it rains incessantly!) tons of fun. The country we ride through and over in hard to describe because it is so … much. It is breathtaking.

The Horseback Adventures that we guide our guests to and through are real wilderness adventures.

Nature has a way of healing our presence behind us and because there are no roads (none!) Chisana and the Chisana Valley have been protected from man and commercial tourism since the beginning of time.

We would love for YOU to be next!

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