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Alaska Challenge, The Real Deal

Alaska Guide Makes The Challenge, The Real Deal

Master Guide Terry Overly of Chisana, Alaska and Pioneer Outfitters has decided to add to our schedule of hunting events.   We will now offer The Challenge, a 34 day, one on one, all game hunt. The Interior Mountain Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep and the Alaska-Yukon Moose. Black Bear, Timber Wolf and wolverine may also be taken on this hunt. There are no trophy fees.

We are located in the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and Preserve. Master Guide Terry Overly has one of the largest areas in the largest National Park of our nation. Pioneer Outfitters’ guide area is 65 miles long and 55 miles wide in the Guide Management Unit (GMU) 12.

The Hard Park Boundary borders the area on two sides, keeping in mind that hunting is prohibited in the Hard Park. Due to the position of our guide area in relation to the Park’s boundaries, Sheep, Grizzly Bears, Alaska-Yukon Moose and Mountain Caribou roam freely into the hunting area out of the Hard Park, and as a result we will never run out of fine trophies to hunt with you.

We use saddle horses and pack horses in all of our camps and on all of our hunts. Horses afford you the luxury of covering rough terrain, crossing rivers, creeks, and packing a very comfortable camp deep in excellent game country where no vehicle or even aircraft can go. When it comes to packing out meat and camp, I’m glad it’s them and not us!

“Combination Hunts are more involved than single specie hunts. This is a simple, but often denied, fact. More involved, than say a Dall Sheep Hunt or a Spring Grizzly Hunt. This is a good thing to remember when you are planning your hunt. You, the hunter, are trying to collect two or more representable trophies in a relatively short time frame compared to the time frame of having a single specie hunt. This is fine and it is the only way combo hunts work,~ and they do work.”

~ Master Guide Terry Overly, when explaining the complexities of a Combination Hunt to a potential client.

Combo Hunts

The Alaska Challenge is The Real Deal

The Challenge takes the pressure off. You have 34 days, not 10, not even 14 days. Combination Hunts do work, very often. The percentage of times they do not work is much less, but it is still there. Still heart breaking to the hunter that had a once in a lifetime opportunity. Still disheartening to your guide, who only wants to be a friend and hero in your eyes, to your Outfitter, who wants your satisfaction and success above all else.

This is another option for you. With you in mind.

~ Well, as the Manager, all I have to say is “yea!” This will sure change the way we do things, here in Alaska! The reactions, emails and phone calls both Master Guide Terry Overly and I have recieved since Terry decided to challenge a potential client into putting us to the test, have been both positive and exciting. Seems like everyone wants in on what I’ve been told is a win-win deal.

Choose YOUR Big Game Hunt with Pioneer Outfitters, now!

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