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Women in the Outdoors: Enjoy Your Adventure!

Enjoy your Adventure!Practice, practice, practice! Enjoy your adventure! Practice and enjoy your adventure, you are already on it!

You have decided that you are going to become more confident and explore and enjoy the wild places, getting outdoors and taking part in all the gifts and blessings that the wild places have to offer.

You’ve chosen your adventure, put your gear and pack together and have begun to dream about all you will see and experience.

Enjoy your Adventure!You may have booked your spot (you have, right?) for an Alaska Horseback Adventure or an Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt. Maybe you’ve done some reconnaissance or gathered maps for a wild area near where you live. Or bought a new fishing pole or tent.

We have spoken about when things get hairy and the most important thing and skill to use, is your own mind and mind-set, believing and focusing on positive and forward thoughts. Follow the steps, you are prepared.

So, now what? (Yeah, I was thinking that same question…)


Practice your new skills or what you want to be a skill. Put your tent up, take it down…. put it up, spray it with a water proof agent, like Camp-dry. It will help it to shed water longer, better. (I do this every Spring to all my tents.)

Maybe you decided that our own Horseback Adventures are the dream-adventure of a lifetime for you. In that case, RIDE!! Yes, ride! There is nothing that will get you and your body ready for a Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip like riding a horse.

Enjoy your Adventure!If you do not have horses of your own, maybe you have a friend that will give you some pointers and allow you to ride over the coming weeks or months, to toughen up your seat, or to remind your body how to sit and control a horse. Maybe you will sign up somewhere to take riding lessons, if this is a brand new idea for you.

With Pioneer Outfitters, there is no experience “necessary,” as we can (and do) help you, show you, teach you all you need to enjoy your ride and adventure. But. If you are out of practice, sitting in a saddle and riding or have never done it before, you will get sore. Sometimes, really sore. Sometimes, even with LOTS of experience, really-really sore! When I say “toughen up your seat” what I mean is “RIDE!”

Don’t panic! (laughing, at myself) Everybody gets sore when they begin to ride, for the season that allows it or for the first time. It just makes more room for utter enjoyment, when you get the “sore” worked out and through before you arrive!

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Enjoy your Adventure!OK, more practice. If you are some place that it is permitted, practice building fires (small ones, mind you) with only the basics that you will have with you, from your pack. Personally, I like to keep Vaseline-dipped cotton balls in a Ziploc baggie for fire-starter in my pack. They are tiny and weigh nothing and they can help you start a fire in the rain, if need be.

Maybe you are going to use a bow or a new rifle to use on a hunting adventure. Practice! Lots. Practice holding, loading, drawing and aiming your weapon, always safely. Practice unloading and practice your aim with safe targets. Take a hunting safety class. I have, (although we are not required to) and learned a lot.

Practice by walking with your pack on, riding your bike a little further each time or just make a habit of writing down each question that may flutter through your mind. Remember, the internet is a pal. Look up and research your own questions AND ask the people you will be joining on your adventure. Compare what answers you found with what you receive from who you ask. The answers may be the same or similar enough to satisfy you or may trigger more or different questions to ask.

It’s going to be incredible! We are going to have a blast and you are going to see and do things that will take your breath away, inspire you and fill your spirit with such happiness and understanding.

Women in the Outdoors … it is where we are meant to be.

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