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Summer, Family and Alaska

“Just write!” LOL, as I sit here in front of my still nameless new iMac, I am scolding myself. There is a whirl of life rushing my mind and leaving my fingers poised … but unmoving. The same three words; Summer, Family and Alaska are all I can focus on.

Summer, Family

Well then! That is exactly what we will start with. We have been up to eyeballs in one mess or another! (Not, how you expected me to start, is it? LOL) Here we go…

The wildfires that came so close to our home of Chisana, in June are well and truly out after burning close to 50,000 acres. The flooding from the outrageous heat and torrential downpours in the high mountain valleys has receded to simply scary instead of the impending disaster it has remained since this Spring. (We’re Professionals, we can do “simply scary”!)

The long prepared for, much anticipated, International Horseback Adventure has been tossed into the ringer more times than a stinky pair of socks. Sigh. Unexplained delays and unexpected results from blood tests took 6 months of preparation and hard work and simply balled it up and tossed it in the mud.

A testosterone overload amongst our high-speed-low-drag Trainees resulted in a three day churning mass of tempers and tantrums, showing my little Alaska Chick-let that even grown-ups may sometimes need a time-out. July’s Behind the Scenes post written by Alaska Guide Trainee Kaleb Kiper, coming soon, may share a little more insight into that. Also coming soon are three additions to Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Training program, just in time to drop their bags and head into the Alaska wilderness with the Pro-Team Guides for our Fall Big Game Hunts.

Summer, Family and Alaska

Sounds fairly busy, but so what, right? We are all busy people, doing the best we can. I can shed a bit of light on that and explain why I would think to share this with the world. Most importantly, I share the Ugly, because that is what I promised you that I would do. Next, I share this with you because I truly want you to understand that you are the reason. You. (Yes, you!)

Summer, Family

Summer represents the reward of an entire year in most places. It brings to mind laughter, parties, vacations, wild screams from even wilder roller-coasters, sailboats, beaches, family reunions and special hot nights. Here, at Pioneer Outfitters, it is a fact of life and it is busy. Everything shifts into the highest gear as we race against the clock to repair, maintain, create and build while rushing to relax as we pretend not to see the looming finish line approaching.

Anything unfinished, when the first of our Fall Big Game Hunts clients land on the airstrip, will remain unfinished until the ice recedes in the Spring. Winter will arrive (if it isn’t here, already) at the close of the season. You have heard the phrase “Sleep when you’re dead!” right? Well, in Alaska, we say “You can sleep when it is dark!” because we all know there wouldn’t enough time to get it all done, without Alaska’s Summertime light.

The Summer of 2013 has been an incredible one! Yes, I know it isn’t over yet, but even now, after all the worries, delays, disappointments and upsets; I am pleased. What a wonderful world we live in.  How incredibly blessed we all are; at Pioneer Outfitters, in Chisana, in Alaska, in the U.S. and in this wonderful world.

Summer, Family and Alaska

We have had visitors, all Summer long. Guests, friends and family have visited Chisana this Summer, Summer Horseback Pack Trips, Spiritual Retreats and an incredible opportunity to speak with Gunter Wamser and Sonja Endlweber.

Gunter, a German national, and his companion rider Sonja Endlweber, from Austria are on an amazing journey that began in 2007. Gunter decided to travel from Alaska to Argentina on a motorcycle in 1986. He left his job as an aircraft turbine engineer and his home in Rauenberg, Germany, and headed for the states. He made it as far south as Guatemala, where he traded his bike for a couple of horses. The goal? To complete the entire Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Alaska on horseback.

Summer, Family

Missy Kirkpatrick, Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainee Kaleb Kiper’s Mother, came to visit! The Queen of Confections and pure heaven, as well as the sugar villain who has made addicts out of all of us! As unbelievably down-to-earth and sweet as can be, Missy was a perfect example of human joy.

A childhood friend, partner in crime and cousin; Rocky Leamer, accompanied by his 14 year old daughter Carly, arrived in Chisana for a week to experience the Alaska wilderness and it was as if we had never been apart.  What a wonderful blessing to have such wonderful people not only be part of my life, but to share them with my family here in Alaska. Carly, early last year, found me on Face Book! (Is it any wonder I love my job?!)

Summer, Family and Alaska

Summer, FamilyThe clarification of the words that are being pulled from me, as I scan the other five posts I have started and open, has come to me as I write this for you. The life we live here in Chisana, so remote and hard at times; the people who come, strangers and long separated relatives; the Alaska Guide Trainees, the ones who become so much like family; are all beautiful blessings and is my purpose.

Watching the peacefulness and wonder of the magnificent Chisana Valley of Alaska work its magic on each person it touches, is a precious gift. Hearing the combined laughter of children’s joy and happiness is a cure for life’s aches and worries. The gleam of the range horses with their tails held high as they gallop past looking powerful and amazing, filling the air with the same energy.

The gifts we share; of Alaska, of Chisana, of the history of the area, of the wilderness and all that live inside it; sharing them with you is another gift to ourselves. There really is no greater joy.

Pioneer Outfitters. It is a business. It is a family. Like both business and family, it has its own dramas, joys, successes and failures. There are days that are a complete waste of makeup and days it just feels safer to stay in bed. The best part of it all is that it is my life. The work, the rest and everything in between.

Summer, Family and Alaska

Summer, FamilyWhat makes it all work out? What makes me so sure that there is no better place to be or more success to be had elsewhere? Knowing that Pioneer Outfitters is the real deal. Knowing that summer always comes, family always returns to us and Alaska really is the Last Frontier.

You will join us soon, I hope, and we will have an Adventure of a lifetime. You will be welcome and Alaska will infuse you with her strength. You will be valued and Chisana will share with you its secrets. You will experience the Wilderness of Alaska, and our Guides will keep you safe.

Remember! You can always reach out by clicking on the “Book it” button below or leaving a comment here at the end of this post. If you would prefer to have a little more personal and instant contact, feel free to call! (907) 734-0007, We are always pleased to chat with you. Take care of each other and remember, Safe Adventures!

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