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Alaska, Horses and Horse-Y Words

We often discuss a few of my favorite topics here; Alaska, horses and new words. Have you ever considered yourself an expert or well-educated about a certain subject, only to find yourself not knowing or understanding something related to that subject often enough to the point of asking yourself if you really know much at all about it? (I have!) Horse-y words are cool because then you don’t spend half the time that could be spent listening and learning, just trying to figure out what the other person is talking about.

Horse- Y Words

I have decided to share with you a few new words and terms I have learned recently, speaking with “horse-y people”. Words and phrases used in and related to the horse world throughout time and around the globe.

Horses have always been a great love of mine. More specifically, riding horses is one of my greatest joys. One of the first things that drew me all the way across the United States, away from everything familiar and into the remote mountains of Alaska were the horses. The range horses of Pioneer Outfitters.

The horses that are part of our lives here at Pioneer Outfitters are range horses. They live free and wild for half of every year. They are a mix of breeds and types but they all have in common; the cunning, strength and understanding of the Alaska wilderness.

I have often repeated to those who misunderstand my expertise, “I do not break horses, I teach them to become Guide Horses.” A Guide Horse is an incredible animal and a true partner to a good guide.

But! As my world has grown over the last three years, being here online with you, in various Social Networks and here, on Alaska Chick’s Blog, I have often caught myself saying “Huh?” Followed shortly in this repeated conversation with myself, “Why didn’t I know that?”

Horse- Y Words

LOL! So! I have decided to share some of the new “Horse-y Words” I have learned lately and a couple I use often, that you may not know!

Horse-Y Words

Equus Caballus

The scientific name for the horse.

~ Why not! I reference the Latin names for the critters we share this great wilderness with often, I thought maybe you would appreciate this one too.

Imperial Mercury

An unusual, 16 passenger, horse-drawn vehicle divided into 4 compartments by doors and glass. Patented in 1780 by a man named Crispus Claggett.

~ Ok, this one is a little … random, shall we say. I thought it was interesting though and hoped you would as well!


A South American term; a herd of wild mares led by a mustang; often number in excess of 50 mares to 1 stallion.

~ Hmm, wishing we had a few of these (Yes, I mean “a few herds”) running around!


Leather, rope, chain or other material straps which encircle the horse’s pasterns or fetlock joints of the forelegs (the front lower legs, above the hoof) to restrict but not prevent movement; are connected by a short strap or chain which ties the forelegs together; designed to allow the horse sufficient leg movement to graze, but not to flee. (yeah, well, that is the theory anyway!)

~ Now I know you have heard me refer to hobbles. They are a very important part of each horse’s tack whenever we are away and working (or playing) with our horses.


An air above the ground in which the horse half rears, then jumps forward, drawing his hind legs up below his quarters (all four feet are at the same height), before landing on all four feet; the horse shows his heels as though he is about to kick, but does not throw them out.

~ Oh! I had never heard this one before. Seen it, felt it, had a near heart attack watching it, but never knew there was actually a word for it!


Also known as greenhorn or tenderfoot; an American term; one inexperienced in the rigors of ranching, a person from the city, or an Easterner who spends a vacation on a ranch; a stranger.

~ This one, we use a lot. In Alaska, we call this person a “Cheechako” but here in Chisana we say “Dude” when we are referring to someone who isn’t experienced with horses. I also use “Dude” as a pet name for Thunder and my little Alaska Chick-let calls me “Dude-da” when she hears me use it on him.


Yes, this was a different sort of post for me to offer you here on Alaska Chick’s Blog, but as things are so hectic this time of year and I am about as strung-out as a girl can get, I thought at the very least you may learn a new word or two (I did!) and know that you are each, on my mind!

I hope you will share below, your thoughts and any questions you may have (that hopefully I can answer!) or if you would like to connect and chat a little more privately, simply click on the “Book it” button below! We will get right back to you! If all you really want is a real conversation with voices too (!) please, always feel welcome and go ahead and give us a call. (907) 734-0007, we are always around somewhere!

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