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Monday Motivation, Stay the Path

Remember the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson?

That was the first time the phrase “Stay the Path” hit me and embedded itself in my own mind.

Stay the Path

Stay the Path

Stay the Path

In honor of Pioneer Outfitters’ 90th Anniversary, our focus for 2014 as individuals, a Team, a business and as a family, is to be in everything, BE Fearless!

We are working on the letter “L” for Loyal and Limitless.

To be loyal is to be faithful to one’s oath, commitments or obligations.

To be limitless is to be without end or boundary.

Stay the Path is truly to be loyal and limitless.

It isn’t easy, folks. It isn’t easy to Stay the Path, it isn’t easy to Be Fearless, it isn’t easy to be a leader and quite honestly there are days it isn’t easy to be an adult but there it is.

The path we each have chosen to walk.

In the movie, The Patriot, “Stay the Path” is what Mel Gibson’s character remembers that this was what his late wife would say to him, when he was torn between lashing out or honoring what was right and good, no matter how difficult it became for him.

The similarities in the fight between the movie and our own lives (yours and mine) are disturbing enough to bring into the open for a Motivation Monday.

To be loyal and limitless is not something that can simply be said and considered done.

We cannot assume to be something we have never been tested against.

Walking the Talk isn’t something you can do online for instance and then turn around when you finish saving and shutting down for the day to be, act or speak exactly the opposite you do or say while you “on the clock.”

It, whatever the “it” may be in your life, must be lived every day and that starts with you.

A recent conversation brought to mind how terrifying it might be at times, to Stay the Path and not just let others do, say and be what they may.

It requires standing for what is right.

In the face of threats to silence or stop your efforts, you may consider backing off or backing down.

Stepping off that Path you are walking.

Just putting off the decision that needs to be made.

Not bringing to anyone’s attention the wrong, disrespectful or repulsive facts out of the fear of how it may hurt you.

How making your stand could be misinterpreted, how hard it may be to defend your choices and actions.

To this, I say: Don’t. You are not alone.

Stay the Path


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