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The White River Rescue, Stand for the Man in Black

White River RescueOne of the most important and vital reasons for the Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser is survival.

Oh, there are a whole list of the “top” reasons that we need to get Master Guide Terry Overly back in the air, but really the absolutely most important reason is people.

People matter most.

The Man in Black, Terry, has always been right there when called upon or when he had one of his “feelings” that something was amiss. To lend a hand is what makes us all part of the same family. Doing whatever one can to help another in times of need comes natural to most people. It seems to be the source of all pure joy, being able to help someone when nothing is expected in return.

Today, I would like to share with you one memory from someone who remembers being helped by the Man in Black.

The White River Rescue

“One of the saddest days of my life was leaving North Fork Island on the White River. 

I spent summers there as a child and finally moved there permanently in 1981.   

We had struggled with flooding for several years and were financially devastated due to the impact on the hunting lodge.  Terry Overly had been keeping us afloat through those dark times.  How exciting it would be for all of us when we saw that black star in the sky fly over our cabins, letting us know he was there.  Terry, all dressed in black, would arrive with supplies, check on us (and other neighbors) and one year, made sure my three sons had Christmas when weather had been too poor for anyone to get into the valley – it still brings tears to my eyes. 

Never once, did Terry ask for a anything in return. 

Finally, in the spring of 1985, we were forced to evacuate to a tent campsite.  My youngest son was not even 2 years old.     

Once again, we heard the sound of that Black Super Cub, flying overhead, reminding us that we weren’t alone….He took our entire crew that season and made sure each of us were safe and cared for.   

I know, I am only one of several that have benefited from Terry’s watchful eye in the remote area of Alaska and hope, somehow, someway, we are able to carry some of the burden and get the “Man in Black” back in the sky.”   – Toni (Hankins) Bateman

Please help us to Stand for the Man in Black. Please donate to the fundraiser if you can, but please share our call for others to stand with us, most of all! The more we are able to spread the word, the better we all are. Standing together.

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