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Mighty Mike and #Stand4theManinBlack

Mighty Mike, Cessna 206 N-1493M is our phoenix rising from the ashes and heartache of Cubby’s loss on September 16, 2013.

The powerful black 206 Mighty Mike, is where my attention and determination is (and has been) aimed for the results of #Stand4theManinBlack.

Mighty Mike #Stand4theManinBlack
Mighty Mike Cessna 206 N-1493M

Almost a year has gone by since the day that Cubby was destroyed and our lives and livelihood were shoved onto the ledge of survival. (September 16, 2013)

In March of 2014 I began researching and studying what I could find on how a fundraiser works and how to navigate these new paths of crowd funding. On April 22, 2014 I launched Stand for the Man in Black.

Stand for the Man in Black (#Stand4theManinBlack) is a fundraiser.

  • Raising funds to assure the survival and continuation of a community and legacy for everyone.

  • Raising the funds needed to put The Man in Black back in the air ~ to replace an aircraft lost to disaster and ensure a near-century-old ideal remains.

An airplane is a necessity to the way of life lived here in the remote Alaska Mountains. It is a means of survival for us, for guests and visitors, for the range horses as well as for the community of Chisana’s ability to communicate with the world outside of this historic area.

The airplane that was destroyed was an amazing piece of our own Alaskan history. Cubby cannot simply be replaced and no matter how badly it hurt, there was no changing what had happened.

Remember, it was a blessing, right in front of our own eyes. It was tragic. But it was also a machine. Terry, Master Guide Terry Overly, The Man in Black and Alaskan Bush Pilot could have very easily been in that airplane when it was destroyed. He wasn’t and we were blessed.

Mighty Mike #Stand4theManinBlack

The fact remained however that now we were in trouble. The horses, our guests, visitors to our Mountain Valley and our community were now in trouble.

The black Super Cub, Cubby, was an amazing machine and with Alaskan Bush Pilot Terry Overly at the stick it seemed as if nothing was impossible. We had all certainly seen the miracles that the team they made had brought into people’s lives.

What the issue was in my own mind was where we are at now, months later and after the destruction.

Cubby could do a lot, much more than anyone other than a true Bush Pilot could hope to understand. But what Cubby couldn’t do was undo months of paying for freight.

Mighty Mike, however could.

The only thing Mighty Mike could not do that Cubby could and did, was land and take off from the crazy bush-strips the even crazier Bush Pilots used.

Mighty Mike could and had hauled hundreds of thousands of pounds of freight, fuels, groceries, supplies, horse feed and people over the years.

Mighty Mike could search and find missing horses and people. With this airplane, Terry could (and had) remove the doors and drop much needed supplies, food and sleeping bags to stranded people.

The problem was (and is) Mighty Mike needed an overhaul. Everything. I have been waiting for what seems like forever, but in reality only since April to receive back the requested projected invoices from the very trusted and capable aircraft mechanics to show you what that meant.

In my last update, FaceBook and Stand for the Man in Black, responding to the questions of Betty Higbie and Issac Helmericks, I asked Betty and the world to hold on so that I could introduce you to Mighty Mike.

Mighty Mike is what we are working towards with Stand for the Man in Black. Yes, $250,000.00 is a huge number. Yes, 250,000.00 may be more than is needed. But it also may not be enough. We will not know until they begin.

Finally receiving one of the invoices I have wanted to share with you, it will help you and others begin to understand how much we will need your help to survive and to continue serving others.

Mighty Mike, #Stand4theManinBlack

What is NOT listed from Jon Kelley is listed below as I am still waiting for those invoices.

  • Engine
  • Prop
  • Tires, Brakes, Tubes
  • Nose Gear
  • Main Gear
  • Wing Tanks (Rubber diaphragm)

Looking at the first invoice from Jon Kelly and looking at the list above I do not have the actual estimates on may be misleading. With the engine cost at about 50K and the prop cost about 10K, it still leads one to believe that $250K is too much to aim for. It is not. Look again please, at the above estimate, at the windows (that would be side windows and windshield) labor cost. Yep. Now, look at the paint (and yes, it is required and no, we don’t really cover our aircraft’s in duct tape in Alaska).

As soon as the invoices come to me, I will share them with you.

Stand for the Man in Black will continue forward Standing for Survival here on Pioneer Outfitters website.

Fundraiser, Stand for the Man in Black

Standing for Survival

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