A Window into Alaska

The window into AlaskaWhat do you see, when you look out your window?

Is it beautiful? Is it ever beautiful?

Do you ever look at the colors of the light? Does it change what you see?

The window that I sit next to, is the biggest one in our cabin. It is four feet wide and three feet high. It is mirrored on the outside.

My children have always loved this window. Because it is mirrored, the birds, squirrels and even a rare ermine will come into the window and not be spooked by my enchanted (and excited) children, only inches away.


The window into Alaska

I have bird feeders hanging from the eves, lowenough to be seen and watched easily from inside. The peanut butter mixed with sunflower seeds that I smear on the windowsill outside (shah, don’t tell Papa!), bring the squirrels and the chunk of meat and sinew on the spiked platform draws the ermine.

The Alaska blue-blue sky is a pristine backdrop for the towering and crowded black spruce, with their boughs so heavily laden with shining snow.

The rays of light, as the sun moves, hit this branch, that one and the tops of those, making them appear neon white.

For moments only each day, at this time of the year, the sun comes right in the window and covers everything in the cabin with rainbows and flashing disco lights as the light hits the cut crystals hanging from fishing line in the windows.


The window into Alaska


I’ll reach up and to the delight of the cats, puppies and kids, I’ll give each crystal a spin and watch the lights dance across the room, walls and floor.

I have two favorite lights. The golden light of the afternoon and the charcoal blue of the mountain storms brewing.



The window into Alaska

During the winter months, and right now especially, the dawn and sunset come so

close together, the light is a constant wonder. I look away, to write a sentence, look back and the picture has changed.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. Right now, it is light by 9am and dark by 4pm.

What do you see, when you look out your window? Does it make you happy? Will you tell me what wonders that you see? Can you describe it?





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