A Winter Vacation You Need to Experience

I grin to myself as I hold tight to the handlebars and I can hear the laughter over the rumble of the snowmachine engines.

The spray of frozen snow pelt us as we fly over the blanket of uncut white snow, heaving gently and chasing one another in crazy loops and stretches.

Here we go! The Boss hits the bottom of the big mountain’s base and begins to climb. As I turn to follow the trail Terry has left, I can feel my little Alaska Chick-let scoot a little closer to me and adjust her hold as I raise up to my knees for more control and balance climbing the mountain. Three other sno-gos fall in line behind me and we are all working and pushing to reach the saddle we are aiming for.

First Terry, just a little shy of the saddle, loops and begins to descend for another run at the top, then one of the sno-gos following me turns downhill. “Ugh, not this time!” I turn my machine to begin my own descent, no more than a yard or two past where Terry made it to, then here come the last two to follow to the base and try again.

Half of us made it on the next try and the last two machines made it to the top of the saddle on their next try, so all five machines are sitting in a line on the ridge of the saddle overlooking a huge Valley. Everyone has taken their gloves, helmets and face-masks off and unzipped their coats to cool off before we continue on this Winter Excursion. It is a lot of work to make it to the top!

Our Winter and Spring Excursions are a true Alaskan Adventure for those who wish to experience all the wonder, fun and beauty of Alaska during the wintertime.

A Winter Vacation You Need to Experience

During the darkest months of the year, here in the Interior of Alaska, the snow is neon white and the Northern Lights often dance and flow around and above us as we sit at the bonfires and roast marshmallows, sipping hot chocolate or buttered rum from huge mugs.

Warm and cozy cabins with fires stoked and crackling wait for all the guests that come home each evening. Hot home-style meals greet each morning and offer comfort each evening at the Lodge. The sauna is always ready to light and is stocked with all the sundries one might wish for.

As breakfast is finished and you glance out of the big front window, it may look like some mechanical devastation has taken place while you ate, but never fear, the snowmachines are all rolled onto their sides to be deiced and checked over before starting them to warm up and refuel for the new day’s Adventure.

Lunches are packed and radio batteries are checked. Today we will hit the ice, running the river and going up some of the wider ice shoots. Two of our guests are driving their own machines and one more a bit fearful from lack of experience is doubling with one of our guides today. All of the snowmachines have ice-studs embedded into the tracks and carbide scags on the bottom of the skis but climbing an ice shoot can be tricky and it is a whole lot more fun as you gain experience, knowing what to do when you loose grip and momentum.

A Winter Vacation You Need to Experience

Some of our Winter and Spring Excursion guests enjoy the upland bird hunting for Ptarmigan and Roughed Grouse or ice fishing at one of the high mountain lakes. This group has mentioned it and we will find out if they would like to do one of these tomorrow when we stop for lunch later today.

The wintertime here in our remote mountain home is magical. The rivers and creeks are frozen and are convenient highways to travel for the snowmachines. We play and slide down huge hills on little sleds along beside the children. Some of the more adventurous ride the whipping tire or stand-up sled that I pull with my big machine.

We have a lot of fun during these Winter and Spring Excursions with the guests that join us. Checking on the range horses as we encounter them and knowing that only a few people have ever experienced what we are doing is an incredible dream.

A Winter Vacation You Need to Experience

Be sure to schedule your wintertime excursion with us, you deserve a true Alaskan Adventure!

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