Acclaims, Testimonials and Bragging Rights

Acclaims, Testimonials and Bragging RightsWell, yeah!



Terry and Amber,
Please remember to use me as a reference anytime you would like. I would like to thank you both again for everything you both did to make my trip my most memorable one, ever.
~Ron Schmitt, NY

Dear Terry,
Just a note to say again that I had a GREAT time.

I have learned in life that it is sometimes disappointing to return to a place and try to relive a previously wonderful experience. But now that the echos of rifle  shots have faded and the gun smoke has cleared, I am very proud to say I have had two wonderful hunting experiences with you, and am looking forward to another.

Also, I would like to tell you that I had a great crew, Amber, Spence and Brian, all three did a fantastic job. I not only had a great hunt, but a fun hunt.
~Rich Gribble, MI

I very much enjoyed my hunt with Pioneer Outfitters and added a bunch of great memories to my collection. I really appreciated how hard everybody worked to make me successful, great efforts! Best of luck in all your future hunts and trips.
~Jeff Cwickla

I wanted to say again, thank you for an awesome time. I told my booking agent to book me again for next year, and I can’t wait.
Tell everyone hello and Thanks for everything.”
~Dal Kube, GA

“Terry Overly of Pioneer Outfitters put together a 21 Day Mixed-Bag Hunt for me. It turned out to be the hunt of a lifetime. This was a horseback hunt in the majestic Wrangell Mountains, in Chisana, Alaska.”
~From an article written by Dick Farnan, West Sand, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I enjoyed getting my sheep and I enjoyed my guide. It was through his determination that I was able to get my sheep on the last day.”
~Sidney Combs, Fairfax, VA

“Terry Overly and his Team run a fantastic operation with great guides, livestock and game of all varieties available.”
~R Scott Miller, Warren PA

As I told my guide Steve, while we were in camp, I am going to smile about this trip, every time I think of Alaska.
Thank you for such a great opportunity.
~John Higley

The main camp was very comfortable and we felt very welcomed from the first minute. The camps were fine and we had a wonderful time. The meals were great and the guides excellent. I had a great time and my family already wants to return again next Summer.”
~Richard D., NY

Just a short note, to let you know that I appreciated greatly hunting with Pioneer Outfitters. I look forward to returning again. The hospitality and friendliness of your staff was greatly enjoyed as was my guide.
~Brian Jorgensen, Coeur D’Alene, ID

In spite of my impatience, this was the most enjoyable hunt I have ever had, anywhere. Thank you. The experience was wonderful.
~Len Backus, Oshkosh, WI

Just a note thanking you for all you did for us in making our unexpected Adventure a very memorable one. We left Chisana very impressed with your accommodations, services and the total operation of your guiding business. No one holds a candle to Pioneer Outfitters, you folks are first rate.” ~ Kelly Leon and Martin Newline

Dear Terry,
I wanted to thank you for the absolute best hunt i have ever been on in my life. Your organization, from the beginning to the very end was absolutely superb. I have hunted with numerous guides and outfitters over the years, but I have never hunted with or even been around as well prepared and attentive as yourself and Pioneer Outfitters. Thanks again to you, for the best hunting experience I have had and am sure, will ever have.
~David Thomas, MD
Savanna, GA

I would like to express sincere appreciation for your efforts and kindness. You provided me with an experience I will never forget. The scenery was fantastic and beyond anything I could have expected. I expect Alaska in the Wintertime has a different beauty, I had the chance to witness the transformation and hope to experience that as well in the future.
~Dennis Yonosh, Lansdale, PA

Thanks so much for the experience and a hunt of a lifetime. I will never forget the snowmobiles and snowshoes! Getting my Grizzly on the last day was the greatest experience.
~Jack Harrington, Newman, GA

“It is hard to tell you what a great time Rob and I had and how much we enjoyed the total Adventure. It was an awesome and inspiring experience.
~Michael White, Manila, AR

I want to thank you again, Terry, for a first class hunt. It surely was a time that I will never forget.
~Russ Fazio, Pittsburg, PA

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the outcome of my experience with Pioneer Outfitters. Again, please accept my thanks for making my first sheep hunting experience such an Adventure.
~Bradly Ruddell, Vice President, Weatherby
Atascadero, CA

…And Then, The World Wide Web Came to Chisana…

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  • Nat-Geo interviewed Pioneer Outfitters own Alaska Chick as well, for Nat-Geo Alaska Expedition



Alaska Chick with My Identity Crisis

My Identity Crisis

Written by Amber-Lee Dibble

(AKA, Alaska Chick, MOMMY!, @GirlyGrizzly and all other sorts of titles that I explain in the book!)

My Identity Crisis is a book that combines Alaska Chick’s blog with the growth and lessons learned in the Alaska wilderness and the struggle to be more and better in all the different roles one person has.

All my passions, worries, strengths and weaknesses; the struggle to Stay the Path and to be more.

A beautiful and vivid coffee-table sized book, My Identity Crisis brings the Alaska wilderness into your hands.

Also available as an e-book, available in iBooks.







And… before the age of the world-wide-web, we (as a people) actually received and read magazines… yes, written on glossy pages… remember? ☺Here are a few we have been in;

Petersen’s Hunting
Loaded For Bear by Bob Robb
May 1993
Bowhunting – The Complete Book – 1993
Full Draw For A Full Curl by Bob Robb


American Hunter

The Moose That Disappeared by Ron Spoomer

August / 1996
American Hunter
Caribou Of The Wrangells by Michael Hanback
October 1987
Bow Hunting Guide
Raise Your Sights To Dall Sheep by Bob Robb
Wild Sheep
Chisana Combo Success by R. Scott Miller

Spring 1991
Bow & Arrow Hunting
Alaska Dall Sheep by Bob Robb
April 1993


North American Hunter

Hunting The Mountain Grizzly by Bob Robb

October / 2010


American Hunter
Horseback Moose Hunt by Michael Hanback

June / 1989
Bow Masters Magazine
Bowhunting Alaska’s Magnificent Dall Ram
by Bob Robb
Jan/Feb 1993
Backcountry Hunting
White Peaks, White Rams by Jim Zumbo
1998 Annual Hunting
You Gotta Climb For Good Dall Sheep by Bob Robb
Wild Sheep
The Chisana Monster by Steve DeRicco
Winter 1995-96
Bow & Arrow Hunting
Plan A Moose Hunt by Bob Robb
February 1996
Petersen’s Hunting
’93 Sweepstakes Hunt:  Lucky Chet’s Excellent Adventure by G. Sitton
March / 1994
Big Game Adventures

The Come Back Ram by Bob Robb

Fall 1997
Guns & Hunting
On Sheep Mountain by John Higley
March 1991
Alaska Moose Hunt by Bob Robb

November / 1994

American Hunter

Seven Days In Sheep Country by Michael Hanback

March / 1987

Petersen’s Hunting

Grizzly by Bob Robb

February / 1987

Sportsman’s Bowhunting Annual

Moose Below Zero by Bob Robb
Annual Hunting 1990
A Peak Experience by Bill McRae
Petersen’s Hunting

Putting The R.A.P. On Rams by Bob Robb

January 1992
From The Alaska Sportsman March 2005

Glacier Giant by Bob Robb
Outdoor Life
Your Guide by Jim Zumbo
March 1993
Game Journal…The Best Of Big Game Hunting
Bulls Below Zero by Bob Robb
Volume II, Issue I
Petersen’s Hunting
The Seven-Day Ram by Layne Simpson
Feb/Mar 2004
Sports Afield
Tales Of The Mountain Grizzly by Bob Robb
August 1993
Sporting Classics
Sacred Sheep by Ron Spoomer
Jan/ Feb 1997
Deer & Big Game Rifles 1998
A Hunt For The Book! by Bob Robb
Guns & Ammo
Women & Shooting by JoAnne Hall
June 1998
Western Horseman
An Alaskan Odyssey by Bob Robb
February 1995
(Center Photo)
Game Country Journal Of Big Game Hunting
Jan/Feb 1990
Dall Sheep
Fifth in Series:  North American Big Game Animals
written by Bill McRae
North American Hunter
Old Man On The Mountain by John Higley
Jan / Feb 1992
American Hunter
Land Of The White Ram by Tom Fulgham
May 1984
Petersen’s Hunting
Two For The Book, Moose & Grizzly In Alaska  by Bob Robb
May 1996
Big Game Adventures
Alaska Safari by Mark Pickering
May 2003
Guns & Hunting
On A Mission For Moose by Bob Robb
July 1993 
Women & Guns
Women Of Mettle by JoAnn Hall
October 1992