Summertime Adventure Sneak Peek

Do you wonder what it will be like? Are you curious about what it would be like if you decided to have a Summertime Adventure in Alaska?

I can help with that!

Here is a Summertime Adventure sneak peek for you to immerse yourself in and dream of while you wait.

Summertime Adventure Sneak Peek

It is almost time! We are looking forward to meeting you, in person and beginning our next Adventure with you.

Your personal gear arrived on the last mail plane and it is sitting in your cabin as we speak, waiting for you to arrive. Yes, both boxes arrived and in only 2 weeks!

Our mail is delivered twice a week by bush aircraft. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 40-Mile Air flies into Chisana with the mail they picked up from the Post Office in Tok, Alaska.

You are flying into Fairbanks, right? Cool. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll ride down to Tok, either with 40-Mile Air in their van, or by Interior Alaska Bus Line. (unless, of course you chartered 40-Mile to fly you directly from Fairbanks or decided to rent a car and drive yourself or hired another charter service.)

Whether or not you spend the night in Tok, before flying into Chisana the next morning, you are almost here!!

Vanessa, at 40 Mile Air, will get you ready and introduce you to your pilot before you settle into the Cessna aircraft that will fly you into Chisana. The flight from Tok to Chisana takes about 50 minutes.

As you circle above, we here on the ground at Pioneer Outfitters look up and smile.

You are here! Some or even all of us will meet the plane and help you grab your gear. Shake hands, share smiles and even hugs from some of the crew.

We will get you settled into your cabin and make sure all your gear is there for you and then show you around our ranch.

The Lodge, where we all gather to eat or just be, the shower house that is always full and hot, the sauna, the barn and corrals, the green house and the lay of the land will all be on your tour of the grounds, to help you feel welcome and at home.

Dinner and paperwork as well as company and a bonfire will relax you into the evening for a wonderful night’s rest.

Breakfast is served at 8 am at the Lodge and the excitement continues to grow inside you.

After breakfast, we’ll gather gear and choose the horses for your Adventure. Packing up, tightening cinches, mount up and we are headed out!

Tonight will be the first night, out on the Last Frontier, in the wilderness of Alaska. Tonight, you will be right in the middle of your Adventure.

We are so glad you are here.

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