Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List

Technology is moving forward in huge leaps and bounds and at the same time, the United States Postal Service would do better if they returned to the Pony Express. More and more often, we receive calls and emails from clients asking about their highly anticipated Welcome Packet. Inside that packet is the one piece of paper, which I know is read by every single client. The Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List.

Big Game Hunter Gear List

Contracts, insurance release forms, firearms and ammo information, logistics and map information, tips and insider-information on the animals to be hunted, the horses, the camps and routines and so much more can be found inside that Welcome Packet from Pioneer Outfitters. All of it is important, all of it is relevant, but nothing is as valued as the Gear List.

Pioneer Outfitters are Horse Outfitters. All of our Big Game Hunts are conducted on horseback and all of our camps, groceries, supplies and trophies are carried by pack horses. This allows us to provide our guests and clients with comfortable camps and real food (No freeze-dried specialties are served in our camps!).

Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List

The Gear List helps our clients know exactly what to pack for their Alaska Big Game Hunt. Our guests and client’s safety and comfort are very serious matters to Pioneer Outfitters and we strive to fulfill each dream that leads to us, in the remote Alaska wilderness. I will add this post to the Big Game Hunting pages on this website as well, but I thought it would be helpful to share it here on Alaska Chick’s Blog too.

Gear List for Your 10-Day Alaska Big Game Hunt:

Rifle 25-06 to 300 mag for sheep, 300 mag to 338 or comparable for all other species

Ammo- 4 boxes

Small gun kit with oil

Sleeping bag / comfort range to -10* below zero

Sleeping pad 1” to 2” thick, inflatable (cots are not provided)

Rain jacket and pants

Hunting boots (your choice)~ You do NOT need hip boots.

Camp shoes or slippers

Heavy jacket

Light jacket

10 pair wool socks


4 pair pants

3 long sleeve shirts

3 sets of long underwear

Brimmed hat / Western or baseball

Wool sock hat

Pocket knife and stone

Digital Camera and charger (or 35 mm camera and film)

Flash light with extra batteries

Headlight with extra batteries


3 pair gloves (1-very warm)

Personal toilet articles (including medications)

Strapping tape (handy to repack your boxes to mail)

100’ nylon rope (optional)

Spotting scope (optional-your guide will have one)

Range Finder (optional-your guide will have one)

Two extra duffel bags, for breaking your gear down, packing capes for home

Back Pack (You will be riding in this pack. You must be able to support it, above and off of the back of your saddle.)


With Pioneer Outfitters, your Professional Guide is always at your side. All the Guides here at Pioneer Outfitters are experienced and licensed by the state of Alaska. Your safety and comfort are the first priorities for Pioneer Outfitters.

Each guide has been chosen by Master Guide Terry Overly to give you the trip, excursion and hunt of a lifetime. Going on a hunting trip is a lot more than killing a trophy quality animal; many of our guests end up as lifelong friends. Taking people hunting (guiding), sharing this great wilderness with someone new, is the most rewarding level of hunting. I have never met a Professional Guide yet that didn’t thoroughly enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning interesting tips, by taking people hunting.

Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List

Big Game Hunter Gear List

Your Professional Guide will also have similar gear as well as his (or her) tools of the trade. If before your Big Game Hunt, you find yourself puzzled or confounded as to “what” kind, brand or type of this or that to bring to Alaska, never hesitate to call or send an email. We want you to have the gear you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable. You have an incredible resource for information in Pioneer Outfitters; don’t be too shy to ask!

Our clients find it much easier to mail the bulk of their gear ahead of time to reduce the stress of traveling with it. Please be sure to mail it at least 4 weeks ahead of your hunt date, with your boxes clearly labeled with your name. As with any convenience, new problems arise. The return of your packages back to your home is your responsibility. We would be happy to put them on the twice-weekly mail plane for you as long as the postage money has been left with the Boss or his Manager (that’s me!) and the boxes are resealed, labeled for return and left at the Lodge in our possession.

You are going to have an Alaska Big Game Hunt to remember and treasure for a lifetime! We, each are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you and being part of making those memories. Take a deep breath and relax.

Experience Alaska as it was meant to be; On horseback with Pioneer Outfitters. Since 1924, one family has had only one dream. To share this world we live in with others in a way that no longer exists anywhere else.  This is what we do; who we are and you are why we do it.



Have you scheduled your 2014 Alaska Big Game Hunt?

Have you received your Welcome Packet with your Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List inside?

If more than two weeks has gone by since the scheduling of your Big Game Hunt with your deposit, please drop me a note; here with a comment, by clicking on the “Book it” button below or please, always feel welcome to call (907) 734-0007 anytime, with any questions or concerns!

We are working right now on eliminating “snail mail” completely, so that you have what you need, when you need it ~ like now!


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  1. I love lists!! What kind of boots were they again?? Just Kidding!!!! You DO answer every silly question though, even if it’s asked a zillion times and patiently I must add..

    As Always ~*~

  2. Hi. Just had to come over via Twitter. Wow what a list! Although I never hunted in my life, it always intrigues me. I do have many friends that do, but I’m sure they have no idea of all the gear one needs to hunt in Alaska.


    • LOL! Ha! I am glad you did, Donna!
      It is really a good list. And as I have gotten older (and more “over” myself) I have found lists and check lists are the best way not to forget something you are without a doubt gonna wish you had. Please, you know, feel free to share it with anyone! Better twice as safe than once sorry.
      Hunting is good enough, it is really the pursuit and being THERE that is the rush and thrill.
      You take care & have Safe Adventures too!

  3. just completed my caribou slam with stryker. What do you have available for 2014 moose preferable rut hunt.rifle, river or horses is fine with me Im 60 years old with short legs.

    Mac Macaluso

    • Mac! We do, indeed. Send me your contact number or click the “Contact Us” button above and I will have Master Guide Terry Overly give you a call for sure. (And tell that Stiker boy, hello and thank you very much! LOL, I’ll give him a hug when I see him again!).
      Looking forward to meeting you…
      ~ Alaska Chick, aka Amber-Lee

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