Alaska Chick, Obsession Confession

Obsession ConfessionGasp!

I was told last night, in camp, that I am so totally not an open book, as I profess to be online, and that I needed to make an obsession confession.

What? Of course I am!

No, I was told, I tend to write about Chisana and Pioneer Outfitters, the places I love so much, the horses and of course I love to write about the Guides and Guide Trainees and all the screw-ups and accomplishments, but other than pretty general stuff, I don’t share with the whole wide world the real me.

What?! What haven’t I told you? … Oh.

I am obsessed with tinfoil.
Obsession Confession
There. I said it. I have confessed. Is everyone happy now? (snicker-snort)

I am also obsessed with firewood, my little pink bag (that goes absolutely everywhere with me), duck tape and fire-starter.

(Wow! That does feel good!)

Camp just runs smoother with tinfoil. (It does!) One can cover food with it, to cook or to keep leftovers. You can make handy stuff with it (to keep everything clean and orderly). I’ve made spoon holders with it, to keep the spoon and the counter clean while I am cooking. Seriously! Where do you put the spoon or spatula while you’re cooking?! (Wait! If you are a guy, don’t answer that.) You can make hot pads for hot pans to sit on (so you don’t burn a hole in the new table cover you just brought out to camp), silverware holders, you can use it to wrap sandwiches in if you run out of baggies and you can wrap foods in it and just throw it on a campfire to heat or cook!

Obsession ConfessionWait! That’s not all. You can fix stuff with it too. You can wrap it around the stove pipe in your camp cook tent, if you have a crack to keep all the smoke out, you can fashion a small lure and catch grayling or lake trout, if you forgot your tackle-box at home and you can make your Coleman lantern work again with it.

That’s all. Really. It is such a basic and easy addition to any camp. I don’t understand why my reaction (ok, ok, maybe I over-reacted just a tiny bit…I wouldn’t have really quit and gone home… probably.) to running out of tinfoil should cause such interest or amusement, but there you have it.
Tinfoil. Don’t leave home without it.

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  1. Ha! I LOVE tinfoil!!!!!!! You can cook a whole meal in it on the campfire!make a fairy castle out of an old tree stump, plus, plus…lol plus all the things you listed…Oh Boy..we’re foil nuts! Not sure there would be any left in Alaska!
    As Always ~*~

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