Alaska Guide Trainees, Be Ethical and Engaged

Back to our focus for 2014, Be Fearless! We covered Bold and Brave, Empowering and Be Faithful in past posts. Today, we are on “E” ~ Ethical and Engaged.

Ethical and Engaged

As I was pondering how to discuss Ethical and Engaged with you today, instantly our Guide Trainees came to mind. Our Alaska Guide Trainees are preparing to apply for their professional license that will allow them to legally work for a Registered or Master Guide Outfitter in the state of Alaska.

A Professional Guide is (sorta!) like any other profession. Being a professional doesn’t make you a great one, whatever it is. Being Ethical and Engaged goes a long way to making you great.

We spend a lot of time speaking about Ethics and what being Ethical means to a Professional Guide. Ethics involves deciding and making the choice to do the right thing when the opportunity exists to make the wrong choice.

There are two levels of the Ethics Standards for Professional Guides.

  •  As Professional Guides
  •  The animals, the process of hunting, the moral and fair-chase standards we hold ourselves to.

Ethical and Engaged

Safety is a major driver in Ethics for Professional Guides and in this fact, hunter safety and ethics go hand in hand. “Hunting” is to chase or search for game or other wild animals for  food, sport or profit. A “Guide” is one who shows the way by leading, directing or advising.

One who serves as a model for others, as in a course of conduct.

There are a few quick reminders that we share with our newly licensed Professional Guides as well as our Alaska Guide Trainees that I will also share with you here today.

  • When you make a mistake, take responsibility.
  • When in doubt, don’t.
  • When you tell yourself, “no one will ever know”…remember, they will.
  • When someone you are with, insists they are right and you have doubts, they are probably wrong.

So, this makes you Ethical and that certainly takes you a long way towards being great (and Fearless!), but what about Engaged?

To be Engaged, is to be busy or occupied with; to be committed , engrossed or involved with; to be interlocked or attached to.

As a Professional Guide and as anything a person wishes to excel at being or doing; being engaged in it or to it is to be committed to it, deeply. And that, is what will make you great. When one is Engaged to or with a goal or vision in mind, everything is brighter, happier and more focused on that goal or vision.

To Be Fearless! Ethical and Engaged is to be right and to be all in. To be all there, focused and dedicated.

To be a great Professional Guide, one must be both Ethical and Engaged.

To be a great anything, one must be both Ethical and Engaged.

Other posts concerning Ethics for anyone considering becoming a Professional Guide in Alaska:

So, Alaska Guide Trainees as well as the rest of the humans that come here to visit ~ Be Ethical and Engaged! Be sure to leave a comment or fill out a Contact Us form if you’d like to chat!


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