Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge

Guide Trainee Makinzi RutledgeAlaska Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge is a “special consideration” trainee in her second year of training of the Guide Training program that Pioneer Outfitters offers.

Makinzi was born and raised in Alaska and has been part of Pioneer Outfitters family since she could walk. Three years ago Makinzi made it clear to her family and to us here in Chisana that this is what she intended to do with her life. To become and to be a Professional wilderness and Big Game Guide in and for the state of Alaska.

Knowing her mind was made up, Master Guide Terry Overly and the Rutledge’s discussed the possibility of Makinzi being permitted to enter the Guide Training Program.

Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi RutledgeAs a home school student of REACH Academy, we also consulted with the school’s superintendent as the necessary “hands-on” training in the field would require that she be in the field from mid July to the beginning of October, each year.

I have shared with you, through Alaska Chick’s Blog, the basic difficulties faced by female guides. This is a very challenging career for a woman and is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding on every level.

Alaska Guide Trainee

Guide Trainee Makinzi RutledgeThe decision was made. Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge is part of Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training and is close to completing her second year in our State-approved Guide Training program.

Makinzi has shown a high aptitude and excelled at each new skill, required by the state of Alaska Commercial Services Big Game Guide Board, put before her. She is observant and asks endless questions.

A self-starter, she also shows initiative when it comes to anything she has been shown or observed being done by other Guides. Even the toughest jobs, required of a Professional Guide, will find Makinzi in the middle of. Nothing sways or puts her off her goal to become one of the best.

Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi RutledgeThere are disgruntled whispers from time to time from the newer trainees, saying she is given preferential treatment. These stop completely when the newer trainees experience their time in the field with Makinzi. There is no one that works harder, happier or longer than this young woman and there is no argument on that point. Besides, ask anyone, I am always a hard ass when it comes to guiding.

Alaska’s Professional Guides will be proud to call Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge one of their own when the time comes.

“When the time comes.” Is the only sticker when it comes to Makinzi’s Alaska Guide License. Makinzi Rutledge started eighth grade this fall, shortly after turning 13 years old. The State of Alaska requires that trainees must be 18 years of age before applying for their first Professional Guide License.

More than likely, Makinzi will be one of Alaska’s finest Professional Guides in 2017.

We are all very proud of Makinzi, her perseverance, her intelligence and her dedication to this age-old profession.

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4 Responses to Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge

  1. There is no doubt she’ll be one of the best..look who’s training her!
    You have no idea how many times when I’ve heard I can’t or it’s so hard from someone, and this includes my G’kids both boys and girls that I’ve sent them a link to one of your blogs! Now you know how good I am with I’ve followed up asking what they thought or think after…it’s always positive!!!!
    This will be so perfect to do the same with because of her age..yea..they’ve said about yours “but she’s old!”..hahaha..and I have to say doesn’t matter..look at the whole picture! Well thanks-you solved that problem!
    I don’t need to tell you Good Luck..because you already make your own!

    As Always ~*~

  2. That is just awesome! I can’t imagine being so young and being a a professional Alaska Guide. No doubt she has the ambition, intelligence, common sense and endurance – but she also has amazing people who see her talent and drive and are willing to support her and give her a chance. Congratulations to everyone. You all win!

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