Alaska Guide Training on People Skills and Self Control

People Skills and Self ControlOne of the most difficult, growing pains that I have witnessed is learning how to deal with oneself. Isn’t that where people skills and self control begin to develop?

As the lead trainer for Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training, my specific focus is directed at helping these men and women become more than guides. My focus is completely about helping these men and women become the absolute ideal of a Professional Guide.

Part of the people skills required to be the best of the best, is self-control.

Self-control is a skill that has to be learned and built upon as we grow.

Self-Control is what separates us from the critters. It gives us the capability to plan ahead and to see the possible results of our choices.

The dictionary states that Self-Control is control of one’s emotions, desires, or actions by one’s own will and the ability to exercise restraint. The trait of resolutely (on purpose) controlling your own behavior.

How does this play such a big part in a Professional Guide’s life?

People Skills and Self Control

Self-Control allows a Professional Guide not simply to be able to put a guest or client at ease but in a crisis, self-control is needed, to provide the ability to do or say the right things in an emergency.

Self-Control is what I watch for as a trainer. Most often I watch and observe the lack of this important skill as a trainee is being corrected and sometimes even as a trainee is taught to do something new.

Pioneer Outfitters is located in a uniquely and utterly remote area in Alaska’s Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges. The closest town is 110 miles away by airplane. There are no roads, there are no malls, bars, roller-rinks or any of the other places you may like to and be accustomed to visiting to simply  “blow off steam.” There are no strangers to lose yourself in, amidst the noise and busy bustle.

There is the team and there is you. Eventually, there will be others, counting on you to be in control. Are you ready for that?

Learning to “deal” with who you are; all your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams and your own shadows. Becoming self-aware. Understanding that who you were, brought you to today and all you do will take you to tomorrow. Becoming and being self-aware is a step that has to be taken to achieve true self-control.

Knowing yourself, inside and out is only the first step. Have you looked closely?

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12 Responses to Alaska Guide Training on People Skills and Self Control

  1. Self-control has got to be one of the biggest lesson anyone has to learn in life no matter where you are. I can only imagine, dealing with clients and guests and you with the trainees it has to be right on top. I’d have to think of it as bite my tongue and grin at certain times! So much to learn. You all are really just how MUCH you love your life.

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann,
      Yes, I do agree. And it is a hard one, for some of us (me).

      As a Professional Guide, it is probably the foundation for everything we do… most likely it is the foundation for living a good and right life. My own tongue has a mind of its own and I am in a constant battle with it! :)

      I do love my life, even when I want to change something. (Generally, that “something” is me.)

      Thanks for being here, Ann!

  2. Self-control is such an essential part of self-mastery. And I love how you use nature and the wild to teach it.

    • Blair…. it taught me!

      Nature and the wild, that is… When I started on this journey, online, with this website and Alaska Chick’s Blog, it taught me to “pay attention” much closer to everything, as I discovered I really loved trying to put into words what I saw… BOOM! (thinking… I missed ALL THIS?!)

      That is when I realized, everything I had always wanted, in every way, was right here in front of me… Writing about it for YOU, gave it to me.
      Thank you for being here, Blair.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  3. Amber-Lee,
    Self control and self-awareness are two very important ways we get in touch with who we are as leaders. Sometimes not speaking up is more powerful than shouting something out. We have that choice. Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

    • Terri!
      (I feel a whine coming on) “Sometimes not speaking up is more powerful than shouting something out.”


      It took me waaaaay too long to honestly understand that, Terri. We DO have that choice. Thank you for sharing that with us all.
      Sometimes, it is in the words you use, that makes the “click” in one’s mind.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  4. OMG , Amber thats my boy . I heart him !!! Glad to see you are making good use of him . He ssssssoooo loves it out . I hope and pray he is and will be an asset to you all at Pioneer Outfitters .

    • Missy!
      Well, of course it is! LOL… I loved that pic from the moment I downloaded it! I think, more to the point, Kaleb is making good use of us. He is an incredible asset to the world and we are lucky to have him in our lives and our profession.

      I have all the trainees working on something special for Alaska Chick’s Blog…Stay Tuned!

  5. Plato, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas defined the four principal (and natural) moral virtues that are essential to human happiness, culture and community: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. All four are realized as habits (or not realized at all) and as good habits, they all require certain persistance in intention, will, enthusiasm and self control.

    Of the four principal virtues, Temperance concerns self-control more poignantly than the others. Temperance is all about the restraint of desires and passions – which unleashed will bring self-defeat and/or do harm and injury to others. This may seem strange to us, that our desires and passions do not always serve us -but they do their worst when we forget they are instruments of our happiness – not who we are. Nor does their liberal license makes us more fully ourselves.

    Obviously, what makes you one of the greatest professional guides ever, Amber Lee, is that you are a leader. You lead with love. And you know that love cannot thrive without virtue.

    You are an inspiration to me.

    • Hey Stan!
      How the heck have YOU been?!

      Wow. I’ll have to read this a few more times. Beautiful. I do care. A lot. This is my life and sharing my experiences with our Trainees as well as our guests, clients…..and the people I will only ever touch through this blog, is my gift to the world. I will always do my best to continue improving myself and my skills.

      All of my thoughts lately have revolved around this one idea. That all any of us really need to fully understand and embrace are the values and virtues of the absolute ideal of what we can be. And no leader can teach what they do not understand.

      I’ve missed you, my friend! How is Romania treating you? What trouble are you stirring up on the cyber-lines lately? What have YOU been thinking about lately?
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick!

  6. I found it comparatively easy to learn people skills. The hard part is the self control – without it, you forget the skills you learned.

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