Alaska Horseback Adventures

Horseback Adventures

“Horseback Adventures, day rides, overnight pack trips, photography excursions for Dall sheep, Mountain Grizzly and Black Bears, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou, Timber Wolf, fox, wolverine, lynx, coyote and all kinds of small critters ‘n such!

Gold panning the old placer claims, glacier walks, mountain climbs or just jump on your horse and ride around in circles if you wish. Go fishing for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Ling Cod.

You’ll get rained on, snowed on, mosquito bit, saddle-sore, sunburned and maybe even bucked off old Twister. What the heck, that’s just part of what goes with the territory.

Now, all joking aside we really have some good stock, something for everyone.

For those mellow people we have mellow horses, for those spirited people we have spirited horses and for those people who would rather not ride horses we have horses that would rather not be ridden.

At the end of the day you’ll sit down to mouth-watering meals. Ranch style home cooked meals at the lodge or sitting at your camp fire, there’s no freeze dried food served here.

We invite you to the unspoiled, accessible only by air, wilderness experience you will never forget. Comfortable cabins nestled in the Chisana Valley of the Wrangell Mountains”  …Terry Overly.

Alaska Horseback Adventures … for you!

Home Sweet Home

Comfortable cabins await you in Chisana, when you arrive for your horseback adventures and when you return from your adventure.

Home cooked meals and snacks taken family style and the showers are always hot and ready.

If you are coming with your wife or honey, or brought a youngster or two, we have couples and family accommodations as well.

We are located in the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and preserve, surrounded by the Wrangell Mountains and the Nutzotin Mountains.

Chisana is accessible only by aircraft and has been home to Pioneer Outfitters and the family since 1924.

Your Guides

All the Guides here at Pioneer Outfitters are experienced and licensed by the state of Alaska.

Your safety and comfort are the first priorities for Pioneer Outfitters.

Each guide has been chosen by Master Guide Terry Overly to give you the adventure or excursion of a lifetime.

Through the experiences of our Horseback Adventures many of our guests end up as lifelong friends.

Make friends with your guide, he or she wants to be your riding buddy anyway. Taking people into the wilderness is the most rewarding level of guiding.

I have never met a Professional Guide that didn’t thoroughly enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning interesting tips, by taking people out and showing what they see with someone who hasn’t ever been anywhere like this.

Our Horseback Adventures and Excursions are true wilderness adventures.

We cook over an open fire or on camp stoves, sit around campfires, sleep on the ground, in tents.

We’ll spend our days living an adventure, exposed to sunshine, wind, thunderstorms and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us!

We’ll see spectacular sunrises (if you are so inclined) and even better, sunsets. It never really gets dark during the summer, but the sky changes so beautifully, you wont forget one.

The Closest You Can Come To The Last Frontier, Is Here With Pioneer Outfitters and an Alaska Horseback Adventure.

Pioneer Outfitters was founded in 1924.  Chisana is hidden deep within the Wrangell Mountains and is only accessible by air.

It was once the largest log cabin settlement in the state and the site of the last historic gold rush.

Old log cabins, gold rush artifacts and flumes, remains of an era gone by are locked in this land for ever.

The world is changing and has been changing for a long time.

We here, at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, especially those that have been here for a long time know that not everything changes and we would like to share that with you.

Pioneer Outfitters has made its living as horse- outfitters from it’s’ birth.

Taking those generations of living in this enormous wilderness and using them to show you all there is to be seen and to help you safely experience all the wonders it has to offer.

Since 1924…When Canadian and Alaskan frontiersmen Lou Anderton & Co. started Pioneer Outfitters with horse trips to the Bonanza Creek to pan for gold and sightseeing and Spring Bear Hunts, they couldn’t have known the legacy they were building.

Bud Hickethier, Lou’s partner, took over in 1957, and Lou Anderton passed away in late 1959. Bud Hickethier became Pioneer Outfitters.

From the last Historic gold rush, to being in the Nation’s largest, most beautiful Park, from the history of the buildings that are still being used today and shoot-outs that took place in them and around them in a time long gone.

Natives that were here through it all, one of whom is Terry’s own blood brother, Gillam Joe, who, it is repeated, was sold for a bottle of whiskey and $10.00 as an infant.

The stories of the “Man in Black” have created the legend that surrounds Pioneer Outfitters and Terry Overly’s Guides .

Alaska Horseback Adventures

The Dall sheep, Mountain Caribou, the giant Alaska-Yukon Moose, Interior Mountain Grizzly and black bears and Timber wolves all roam freely to be seen, photographed and experienced.

Adventure is a path. Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind – and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both. This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.”~Mark Jenkins

All of our trips are designed with the client’s capabilities and wishes in mind.

From day trips to gentle pack trips to glacier walks and cross country roving pack trips…and everything in between.

Here, at home in Chisana, you are treated like part of the family, delicious home cooked meals, warm cabins and hot showers, every satellite TV station you can imagine and hundreds of movies on the shelves, and wireless internet are available.

When you are on your trip and away from home we have long established camps to stay at.

Waking in the morning and stepping outside your tent to see the morning light on the glacier or watching the sun hit the snow peaked mountains in the evening light.

Whichever adventure you choose will be etched in your mind and being forever after.

We are in the memory business, and we are honored to be part of one of yours.

The Horseback Riding Wilderness Pack Trips are 10, 20 (or more )Day  adventures for those adventurous folks that want to really explore the great land and wilderness of Alaska.

In May of 1913, Billy James, his wife Matida Wales and N.P. Nelson (“Nels”) found the gold they had been searching for since 1908. This Adventure will make the Last Historic Gold Rush a very personal and exciting time for you to treasure.

This Adventure allows you to explore your strengths, challenges and potential through experiences with horses and with nature. The healing and well being discovered through compassion, courage and new friendships can be found.

The Mini-Adventures were created for the folks that do want to explore the untouched wilderness, to get inside Alaska for a time, but still stay on schedule to move on down the road for more of Alaska’s attractions. These are generally for those who are exploring Alaska by way of the road.

** They are very short adventures, meant to fit in between the mail plane’s twice weekly deliveries. Into Chisana on a Thursday and departing Chisana on the following Tuesday.


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  1. I’m not a spammer. I admire all your blogs specially this kind of place. i hope someday i could be able to visit and try the horse back riding. Very well done. many people love to see this kind of blog. where we can see some place that really exist. Thank you btw and God BLESS you.

  2. Is this safe? I wonder what if while I’m in horse riding suddenly appear some wild animal such as bear? what will I do?

    • Very good question, Michaele!
      Actually and seriously, this has indeed happened. The key is not to panic- because depending on how close a bear or moose happens to be.. Your horse will most definitely not be a happy critter. You must remain as calm as possible (because yes, holy shmokes!) and stay in your saddle. Your horse most likely will do all in his power to get away- and yes, as fast as he can manage it, so you have to stay in your saddle. Gently but firmly regain control with quiet words and firm hands (not jerking!) on your reigns. Also keep in mind, on our Adventures, you are NEVER alone and we (the guides) are professionals and experienced, we will be right beside you and help you regain that control and boy will we have stories to tell later at the camp fire!
      ~ Alaska Chick

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