Alaska Issues: Leadership, Celebrities and New Boots

In life it seems there are always issues to be faced and handled. Today, let us talk about Alaska issues or more specifically: leadership, celebrities and new boots.

Alaska Issues

Really? Are you wondering if I am really going to talk about leadership, celebrities and new boots all in the same post? You betcha. What’s more is that they are all part of the same issue.

The producer, camera guys and audio tech have arrived here in Chisana ready to begin filming and hoping to capture something very real and very special to share with the world.

Well. The good news is that our neighbor flew over to Chisana and along with Terry the two flew and found the majority of the range horses across the river where they typically can be found in the spring. Then, Terry’s son Striker and his grandson, Hunter, flew in to help with getting the team across the river and closer to where the horses were enjoying the Alaska springtime and new shoots of grass and pea-vine popping up.

The bad news is that the Chisana River is not only at flood levels, but the ice has broken away from the banks into a seven foot shelf of ice that horses cannot climb to. Back to the good news: All the horses were found and brought home.

Alaska Issues

Wait, that isn’t the most frustrating bit of news I have for you today! The Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, our nation’s largest national park, YOUR national park, is willing to allow film crews to film hunting trips but not non-hunting adventures or trips! (No shit.) Don’t worry, this is not a Federal law, it is something the current Wrangell St. Elias National Park administration has decided is the thing to do. (head hitting desk)

Can you say “Endless bureaucratic B.S. and lots of nasty and knotted red tape to straighten out”?

Celebrities? Oh yeah, them too! Three of Master Guide Terry Overly’s favorite humans happen to be those who other people refer to as “celebrities”. They will be making appearances for your viewing pleasure soon as well as helping us to spread the word about the fundraiser I launched on my 22nd Anniversary, Stand for the Man in Black.

The fundraiser, Stand for the Man in Black is to replace the aircraft we lost to a terrible and devastating fire on September 16, 2013. Please help us to assure survival to a near-century old business, a team, community and the range horses by donating or sharing this very important fundraiser with as many people you can. Together, we can do this!

What’s that? Boots? What boots? Oh! My new boots! Well, they were hurting my feet at I began this post so I figured they would count as an “issue”.

Take away points:

  • Filming is about to begin!
  • The range horses are trapped on the wrong side of the river.
  • Three horses are MIA.
  • Celebrities are people too, with pals, just like you and I.
  • The Wrangell St. Elias National Park administration is getting on my last nerve.
  • New boots take time to break in, so make sure you wear yours a lot before you begin your Adventure!

Alaska Issues

Fundraiser: Stand for the Man in Black

Standing for Survival, Stand for the Man in Black

Stand for the Man in Black FAQs


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  1. KNOW what I’m going to say..about BOOTS!! Snickering… I’ll be really nice and not say it..Snort!!!!
    Whoo Hoo things are rolling..I know who one celeb. is can’t wait to see who the others are!
    Sounds like they have things to film though..what the heck is that with only filming hunt trips!! Jeez!!!!!!
    As Always
    ~*~ AJ

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