Annual National Park Service & Big Game Hunting Guides Meeting

Master Guide Terry OverlyWe need to know and have a better understanding about the Constitution of the United States. I know I sure do. Also, the federal government and what specific agencies and or organizations are opposed to the fundamentals of the constitutional rights of the people of the United States of America. What motivates those entities and why? Fear? Maybe, loosing control of the civilian population?

It is painfully obvious that they don’t understand the meaning of the word “FREEDOM”, or worse, they simply ignore it. When it was used with the mindset of our original founding for-fathers, it was to perpetuate freedom and independence, which are the same and the right to live in a free land, work hard and reap the benefits of your efforts. Rather than the current, diluted, apathetic understanding that it would appear most Americans are willing to accept in 2011.

I am not anti-government at all. I am a Professional Big Game Guide of Alaska. However, I am anti- CORRUPT- government or ANTI- any branch of government that is putting our money, our military, our work force and our credibility as a nation on the line for it’s own “Top Secret” activities. That we the people, are generally considered and treated as “out of the loop” and on a “Don’t Need To Know” list. In most cases, we will never know or receive any details or facts on any deals, agreements or promises with other countries, other governments, foreign possibly even real foreign entities, that WILL and probably sooner than you may think, come to collect their promised and agreed upon dues.

For all you Americans that have chosen to keep your eyes and ears closed:  I would suggest you keep them closed. If you open them now, you will absolutely be scared to death.

For those of you that were just not paying enough attention, but are now coming awake:  Let me say, “Open your eyes and ears wide and act fast.”  You may not have much time left. Joined together collectively, we may still have a chance. A chance, to get back on the track that our for-fathers set before us. Looking towards the future. A future of honor, integrity, cause and compassion for the men and women that gave their lives and the lives of too many sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and families to settle, tame and develop this great nation.

We Are The People. We cannot allow this to be forgotten. If you have, read the Constitution Of The United States. Hold tightly to who we really are, Free Americans.

God Bless You
God Help Us All.

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