An Attitude of Gratitude Everyday and Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches in Alaska (and the rest of the United States I suppose I must acknowledge), I find myself immensely grateful for so much in our lives.

So many people, including our fearless leader Master Guide Terry Overly, are so busy with the daily fight and scramble to overcome hardships, offer something lasting to the future and prepare for whatever unknowns may complicate our lives.

An attitude of gratitude” (first made a phrase as well as a way of living by Thomas S. Monson)is something I have learned to take to heart and to live each day with over the last few years.

Attitude of Gratitude

A shared status in a Google+ community this morning (+Global Rockstars) and recent researching information brought to mind that it is exactly when we as individuals truly discover, practice and finally live fully and joyfully grateful for the abundance of blessings in every day.

A beautiful home, overflowing with mystery and the wondrous wild nature of the Alaskan Mountains, a home and sustenance, my healthy children, supportive and amazing friends that I am honored to know and call my own and the opportunity and capability to learn, grow and share all I have with others.

A difficult and busy Fall Big Game Hunting Season required my full attention this autumn and giving it left to little of me to share with Social Media and our friends who are connected to us through the different networks.

The vital fundraiser that was initiated on my 22nd anniversary with Pioneer Outfitters, April 23rd, Stand for the Man in Black, was also set aside to be fully involved and present to our clients and guests. Standing for Survival means knowing that each thought, each word and each action brings us closer to the turn in the Path we are on into the future.

Stand for the Man in Black

The grand opening of the online Shushanna General Store was an exciting step forward into our future plans as well as providing a unique and interesting way to share with others your support of Standing for Survival and the Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser. Be sure you pop over to the page on this website and check it out! We are adding more merchandise each week to the selection and will have a variety of locally hand-made products to offer you soon!

Shushanna General Store


Winter settled into Chisana early this year, mid-September, and with it came the concerns of keeping track of our range horse herd and caring for those who may need emergency assistance without the vitally necessary aircraft and relying solely on snow-machines to locate the spread out herd in the nation’s largest National Park.

As mentioned in the recent post Could the Message Be Any Bigger?, the arrival of Elias, the young bull wood bison who has made his home in Chisana and adopted himself into our range horse herd is a enormous blessing in a multitude of ways that go hand in hand with Thanksgiving and living a life fully immersed in an “attitude of gratitude.”

Elias is the young bull wood bison that appeared in our front yard this September much to our Lodge-Keeper Nancy’s (“Gammy” to my children!) utter disbelief and surprise. Never before had Chisana been home to the wood bison that have not been seen ranging free and wild in Alaska since 1900. The native interpretation of his presence is one of abundance, protection and the acknowledgement of all we are thankful for in our lives.

For me, it renews my own gratitude in that although loosing the aircraft Cubby to a tragic and unforeseeable fire was and remains a terrible blow and threat to our lives, there were no injuries and our leader, Master Guide Terry Overly is safe.

During these coming days, weeks, months and into the coming new year, I urge you to think and act on the gratitude and thankfulness that lives in your own heart. Living every day with an Attitude of Gratitude will bring more joy into your life and being than can be simply described.


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2 Responses to An Attitude of Gratitude Everyday and Thanksgiving

  1. I had no idea where the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ came from. I have been saying it for so many years I had no idea. I know I heard it from someone and it stuck tight and never left me.

    Thank you for sharing you heart and your life with all of us. I will be doing exactly as you’ve expressed: think and act on the gratitude and thankfulness

    It will be how I use my 86,000 seconds every day.

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