As the condition of the world deteriorates midst the terrorism, relativism, secularism and individualism the heavens weep.

In January of 2011 the journey to bring Pioneer Outfitters to the world began. Learning to use a computer as more than a “glorified typewriter” as the Boss-man would say, finding and meeting those who could and would help me to bring my vision and dream of a website to true life, to share with you exactly who and what we are and to battle and defeat my own shyness, fears and introverted personality so that I could be the bridge to connect the world with Pioneer Outfitters.

The joy, happiness and fulfillment that being connected to so many wondrous, talented and beautiful people from all over the world brought to our lives, to my own life, is truly unparalleled. Learning more than I ever imagined being able to learn from those I met through both lessons and by example, being exposed to so much loving compassion and kindness and even finding more of my own sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ and finally having a so-craved-for fellowship with others.


Through the Internet, a way to reach out to others, to be able to help people outside of our tiny world deep in the mountains of Alaska became available to us. A way to touch those who needed something that we have to give, other than our own business offerings was now available to us and we used it happily. Individually and as a team, Pioneer Outfitters could reach out with words, connect with others to offer aid and to become a part of something greater than ourselves; truly serving others.

Life happens, as it tends to and the ups and downs, successes and losses and victories and defeats of others as well as our own were no longer celebrated or mourned alone but shared and with that sharing the joys multiplied and the burdens lifted.

As with so much that is wonderful and promising, there are those out there in the world who only seek to destroy, soil and devastate. The Internet and its power to do such incredible goodness are not exempt from this. Maybe it is even more at risk because of the distance between those of us blessed by the connection of it.

The temptation and lure of selfishness, self-centeredness and basically talking a walk that you no longer walk is always there. The heavens weep for our compassion to and for one another. It is always pulling at you. Do it easier, focus on self, do it faster, don’t get your hands dirty actually putting yourself out in any way and worse? Worse is the fact that lies and scams, spam as we know it, is absolutely everywhere. Who and what can you believe? All it does, to those who do want to serve is confuse and betray, it gives us reasons to build up walls not even we can see through or scale.

As I promised you all, long ago, I keep you in the loop with what is going on with our team in Chisana and at Pioneer Outfitters. This last August, I shared with you a post-called Keeping You In The Loop Of Changes letting you know about some major happenings and decisions that had been made for my own little family. After our Fall Hunting Season came to a close in October we were excited and ready to begin the next big adventure of our lives.

Well, many of you know that things have not worked out quite as planned and we were left homeless and without any way to open my daycare, Tok Tots, as we had planned and prepared to do. We were left with no way to make any money to support ourselves and without the help we were promised to make our home, which was in much worse condition than we were led to believe, livable again.

The Heavens Weep for Our Compassion

Every day I see thousands of posts, status updates, tweets and shares of compassion and giving. Each day I read dozens of these, hearing people talk a good talk about reaching out and having meaningful impact on other people’s lives. Yet, contacting the thousands of connections we have made throughout the years and sharing with them the horrible situation we have found ourselves victim to and asking for their help, pleading for help for my children brought to us less than a dozen responses of support and love, and less than half of that in donations to help replace what was stolen and misappropriated and to allow us to have a place to live.

We have been blessed. We are safe and together and we have some incredible people in our lives. Three other (new) people were brought into our lives because of this twist in fate and they too have made all the difference to our futures and as incredibly grateful for this and those people that we are, this is not the lesson I have learned from this experience.

The Heavens Weep for Our Compassion

The lesson is this: It is much too easy in today’s hurry and go, and much to seductive in today’s earn more, get more and look out for number one. We need to remember that talking about serving, preaching about compassion, giving interviews and writing or reading yet another book about what true leadership really is, is NOT walking the talk. It is not what will make us stronger, better, brighter or happier. It is not what we are meant to do or to become. It is a path that will only lead to more darkness and more and harder times.

No, we are still not able to move into our home. Because we are not living in our home I have still not been able to re-open the daycare. Because I have been unable to open our daycare my children may not have a very merry Christmas and this breaks my heart for them and shames me to my core. However, my children are safe and happy to be together with me, sharing a hotel room and going to school so I have much to be thankful for.

This lesson I believe that I was meant to learn and to experience first hand is also something I am grateful for. Many of us all, most of us probably, would be appalled to see ourselves in such a selfish and self-centered light. Most of us work and pray hard to help each other and ourselves from falling from the righteous path we would choose to walk.

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give each other is the wisdom gained through our own hard experiences and so it is this I am sharing with you today, with the purest intentions and cautions. I wish each of you the merriest and most blessings of Christmastimes, the happiest of holidays and to keep you all safe and warm throughout the winter and chill.

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