Be Fearless Today

As the focus for Pioneer Outfitters, the Pro-Team Guides, the Alaska Guide Trainees and  the men, women and children that are Pioneer Outfitters; we all agreed to Be Fearless in everything we do in 2014. As individuals, as a Team and as a business we would each examine carefully our choices and decisions, holding ourselves to our promise, to ourselves, to each other and to you, to Be Fearless!

Be Fearless


B e Bold and Brave

E mpowering and

F aithfuL! Be

E thical and Engaged,

A ware and Authentic,

R esponsible and Receptive,

L oyal and Limitless,

E xcited and with Edurance,

S teady and Smart,

S trong and Serene.

~ The fact is, that it isn’t easy to Be Fearless! when everything you’ve worked for, dreamed of and aspire to be hangs in the balance. It isn’t easy to face even one of those fears, when you are tired, unprepared or alone.
What we all need to understand, know and accept is that to Be Fearless is not about being without fear. It is about choosing not to give those fears power over your life and your choices. Fears are part of us to help us to stay safe and to warn us of dangers.
You are not alone.
What an inspired plan it was and is to have a focus word (phrase) for the entire team! It has made us all stronger and more connected to one another and so much more focused on our purpose and mission.
As we learn and grow together as a family, a Team and a business, the promise to Be Fearless holds us steady to our purpose here, to share with you. You may find strength and direction in the posts here, written with the whole idea of what it truly is to BE Fearless.
Be Fearless!


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As Professional Alaska Guides, as professionals, as laborers, as parents, as teachers, as adults and as children; we all face fears. Together, I believe we can Be Fearless!