It All Begins With a Flight, Even the Horses

A cyber friend (as we haven’t actually ever been in the same room together!) recently asked me how we get our horses into Chisana, since we live and conduct our business in an area that is fly-in only.

Even the Horses

Well, it’s a Horseback Adventure, that’s for sure!

I can say this, when we refer to “bringing in the horses” I never know if I should run like hell and hide or start packing.

By this point, the Boss has done all the traveling and looking over horses, deciding which ones will work for us, horse-trading and buying them. Then comes the trucking negotiations and vet appointments, testing and customs.

The preparation continues, going through tack and gathering everything that we need.

Then trying to count into the mix how much stuff the new horse’s crash-course in to wilderness packing and bogs is going to destroy or break, at the best of times, and at the worst of times, introducing them to running water, creeks, streams and killer rivers, riders, and even tack!

Once the horses are off-loaded from the trucks, we are on our own.

A very real and old time, Wilderness Adventure.

The only communication we’ll have with the world or anyone in it is when we ride past Titty Peaks and can look down into the Chisana Valley.

It is a very hard, sometimes traumatic, certainly always an educational trip.

I wouldn’t miss one, ever, but Crossing Beaver Creek the 4th time on the Horse Trip sometimes I wish they could just be a “ride in the Park”!

The world is such an enormous, mystical, indescribably beautiful, raw place out there, as far as you can see.

The wildlife and Nature, herself are the only living entities other than yourself and your team.

Campfires, good, hot meals, blessed quiet (after the hootin’ and yelling voices of the day moving green horses across land most of them couldn’t have possibly imagined in their worst horsey-nightmares!) and teammates as exhausted as yourself is our daily reward for surviving the day!

Seriously, it feels like this, everyday!

I kept a journal on the last “Horse Trip” and I’ll share it with you all one of these days, promise!

What would be even more fun would be for YOU to write your own “Horse Trip” journal on an Adventure you will never forget!

The International Horseback Adventure is another series you may enjoy a lot.


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2 Responses to It All Begins With a Flight, Even the Horses

  1. Amber..out of all the Horseback Adventures you offer..and there are so many to choose from it is really hard to pick just one! I think this would be my #1 pick! A real live old fashioned round up and I think not one for the faint of heart!

    As Always


    • Ann,
      It is incredible, the absolute purpose of what we do….. It is a source for so many lessons and the real “work” of what we train to do. The Spiritual Retreats are still my personal favorites, any of them. …But we’ll be sure to call you for the next one!! LOL!

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