What Being A Professional Guide Means To Me

Alaska Chick & Chisana BoyRecently, someone said that it seems like I make a joke out of keeping people safe on this site and my blog… hmmm.

“Your customers trust their lives to you. The image you are projecting through your web site and blog seem to make light of this trust in a few places. Using a name like Alaska Chick, and saying things like “I wear pink chaps to ride in because I can.” don’t seem to support the trust you need to foster in your customers.”

Well. Wow. Alrighty. Ok. I just can’t think of anything appropriate to say, at the moment. (Hang on a minute, I’m working on it.) OK. Here we go. First of all, I am Alaska Chick. I wear pink ’cause I can and I am damn well gonna keep wearing it. Can you (whoever you are) imagine how hard it was walking down to the corral the first, oh say like, 2 years?! I’m gonna keep on wearing them until they are just leather rags, it’s a fact.

Life happensAny time someone out there thinks that maybe I am not dead serious about safety ought to chat awhile with some of the guides I have helped train as trainees and not to mention some of the senior guides about having their own striping of hides concerning safety and care of our guests, clients, horses and my children.

It is not a laughing matter. But it is our lives. It isn’t some sort of Greek tragedy, it is life. We live it every single day, day in and out, 365 days a year. Our motto is “Never give even an  even chance”. Nature will kill you for being lazy or half-assed or stupid without a second thought.

The point of this website isn’t to only business. It is to make friends, acquaintances, connections, to share and communicate, to allow people who believe they will never be able to visit, a way to know us and experience our lives and conversations.

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