Big Game Hunting

Pioneer Outfitters Welcomes You, To Hunting Season

Pioneer Outfitters has been one of the finest Hunting Outfits anywhere in North America since 1924.

Alaska Big Game Hunting is what we do.

With a team of guides and staff chosen by Master Guide Terry Overly, the goal has always been not only to provide a successful hunt, but to also ensure that each client and guest enjoys the entire experience.

Alaska offers so much to enjoy and experience to each and every visitor, we at Pioneer Outfitters can do no less.

Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Our Winter Predator Hunts are conducted by snow-machines and our focus are on Alaska’s predators and fur bearers. Timber Wolves, Wolverine, coyote, fox and many, many more critters can be seen, photographed, trapped or harvested by firearm on these 10 (or more) Day Hunts.

Pioneer Outfitters’ Spring Grizzly & Black Bear Hunts are something very special. With one of the only areas in Alaska that a Grizzly Bear may be harvested every year, instead of one every four years, it is a hunt of a lifetime indeed.

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park has the largest population of this majestic white sheep found anywhere in the world. Over 90 years of experience hunting Dall Sheep and the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountains for them gives you the confidence to make your dream come true.

Grizzly Bear hunting with Pioneer Outfitters is a sure way to experience the Last Frontier to its fullest. You will not require hip boots and a good set of binoculars along with patience is all that is required for even an inexperienced hunter with Pioneer Outfitters guides at your side.

The largest of the deer family, the Alaska-Yukon Moose is a critter to behold. Pioneer Outfitters operates in an area known for it’s Moose with heavy brows and thick and wide palms. We have a 50″ or 4-Brow-tine minimum to harvest one of these massive animals and our average Alaska-Yukon Moose is 58″ to 64″ every year.

Each of these Fall Hunts may also be combined into Combination Hunts, as seasons allow. Seasons, dates and combinations available are listed on each Hunt page for your convenience.

Big Game Hunting

We are experienced in guiding and the art of hunting. Still, at times, the fickle finger of fate is a formidable foe. ~ Master Guide Terry Overly

As are the Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro-Team Guides. Hard working, horse-savvy, wilderness wonders and simply professional hunting guides will lead you up mountains, across rivers, through willows and stay at your side every step of the way.

The guides are chosen and trained here, in Chisana by Master Guide Terry Overly and his senior guides that a trainee accompanies during the years needed to develop the skills necessary to be one of Pioneer Outfitters’ guides.

Big Game Hunting

Where are we?

We are located in the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and Preserve. Master Guide Terry Overly has one of the largest areas in the largest National Park. Pioneer Outfitters’ guide area is 65 miles long and 55 miles wide in the Guide Management Unit (GMU) 12.

The Hard Park Boundary borders the area on two sides, keeping in mind that hunting is prohibited in the Hard Park. Due to the position of our guide area in relation to the Park’s boundaries, Sheep, Grizzly Bears, Alaska-Yukon Moose and Mountain Caribou roam freely into the hunting area out of the Hard Park, and as a result we will never run out of fine trophies to hunt with you.

Chisana is unique in that it is a fly-in area only. Remote, as few places are anymore, outside of Alaska.

By the time our first hunter and guest arrives here in Chisana, at Pioneer Outfitters, we are at least 3-4 weeks into our preparation of his (or her) hunt.

Wrangling in all the horses from their summer range, trimming feet, getting them ready for shoes, checking saddles and gear, cutting firewood, making any repairs and hauling in groceries and supplies for hunting season.

Master Guide Terry Overly or one of the staff will meet you as you get off the plane.

We will take you to one of our comfortable cabins that you will use while still in the main camp, take you or direct you to the Lodge, give you a familiarization tour around camp, so that you can find your way around and be where you want to be, when you want to be there.

We’ll have dinner, fill out paperwork, sort duffel bags, sight in rifles and get to know one another a little.

For more information on your Alaska Hunting license and tags, visit the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Licensing website by clicking here.

Master Guide Terry Overly and the Pioneer Outfitters Pro Team Guides live in Chisana, Alaska year-round. There is no one, more qualified to lead you to your hunt of a lifetime.

2015 New Hunt Schedule (12 Day Time Frames)

FIRST HUNT (Aug 8- Aug 22)

Arrive CZN               August 8

Hunt                           August 10-21

Depart CZN              August 22

SECOND HUNT (Aug 22- Sept 4)

Arrive CZN               August 22

Hunt                           August 23- September 3

Depart CZN              September 4

THIRD HUNT (Sept 4- Sept 17)

Arrive CZN               September 4

Hunt                           September 5- September 16

Depart CZN              September 17

FOURTH HUNT (Sept 19- Oct. 1)

Arrive CZN               September 19

Hunt                           September 20- September 30

Depart CZN              October 1