Dall Sheep

Our Dall Sheep season opens August 10th and runs through September 20th.

We have one of the best sheep areas, here in Chisana, in Alaska. Our game populations are good, the quality of trophies are excellent and our hunter success is outstanding.

If you are interested in sheep only, you may choose one of the two time frames in August.

There is no difference between these two first time frames, in availability or quality of trophy rams.


Dall Sheep Hunts

For Dall Sheep with Pioneer Outfitters, our hunter success is very high and has often run 100% during August. The overall average for Pioneer Outfitters is a 35.5” curl with 13” bases on our rams. Alaska state average is 32” curl. We take 36”, 37” and at times 40” plus rams. There are rams taken here with us with 15” bases and 32.5” tip-to-tip spread. We also take 32”, 33” and 34” rams each year.

Sheep hunting is one of the most rewarding, challenging and physically demanding hunts that can be taken in all of North America. Physical condition, shooting skill and (or) just plain ol’ luck (good or bad) are all factors in trophy quality and the overall success of your hunt.

Horseback Hunting!

While hunting with Pioneer Outfitters, the use of saddle and pack horses will surely be a great asset to the success and enjoyment of your hunt. However, your physical condition, mind-set and determination are very important as well.

Over the years, and on occasion, we have ridden horses to where we could literally dismount and shoot a ram. This has been done in the past and I am sure it will be done again, but don’t count on it happening on your hunt!  Dall sheep live in the mountains and you will have to climb! (One step at a time, with your guide with you the whole way!)


The elevation on our airstrip in Chisana is 3200 feet. The highest mountain in our area is Mt. Allen at 9000 feet elevation. The average climb a Dall Sheep hunter makes is 7500 feet, starting at an average elevation of 4000 feet.

Pioneer Outfitters first and most important priority is to provide our hunters and guests the companionship and expertise of generations to safely enjoy their entire experience. We enjoy meeting people from all over the world and being part of some of their dearest memories.


Here in the Chisana Valley, surrounded by the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges, we often see early snow in our later sheep hunts and at times, early winter.

Pioneer Outfitters Glacier Hunt For Dall Sheep:
12 Days, 1×1, (only 2 available each year)… $16,900.00

Pioneer Outfitters Single Specie Hunts:
12 Days, 1×1, Dall Sheep (single)… $16,900.00

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $2,200.00.

Combination Hunts Available:

12 Days, 1 x 1, 2- Specie Hunt (any combo)… $20,900.00
20 Days, 1 x 1, All Game Hunt… $32,900.00
30 Days, All Game Hunts … $42,900.00

~Our Hunts are based on 12-Day increments of scheduling time. At a cost of $1,000.00 per day, you may purchase up to 5 extra days to add onto ANY 12-Day Hunt.

~We can tailor any Hunt to suit your needs, just ask!

~There will be #4, 20 Day All Game Hunts per fall season.

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $4,400.00.

~There will be #4, 30 Day All Game Hunts per fall season.

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $6,600.00.

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Seasons & extra critters:
Interior Mountain Grizzly Bear: No closed season
Dall Sheep: August 10- September 20
Alaska-Yukon Moose: September 1- September 30

Other Critters:
Timber Wolf: August 10- May 31
Wolverine: September 1- March 31
Black Bear: No Closed Season

New Hunt Schedule (12 Day Time Frames)

FIRST HUNT (Aug 8- Aug 22)

  • Arrive CZN               August 8
  • Hunt                           August 10-21
  • Depart CZN              August 22

SECOND HUNT (Aug 22- Sept 4)

  • Arrive CZN               August 22
  • Hunt                           August 23- September 3
  • Depart CZN              September 4

THIRD HUNT (Sept 4- Sept 17)

  • Arrive CZN               September 4
  • Hunt                           September 5- September 16
  • Depart CZN              September 17

FOURTH HUNT (Sept 19- Oct. 1)

  • Arrive CZN               September 19
  • Hunt                           September 20- September 30
  • Depart CZN              October 1

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