Alaska-Yukon Moose

The Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunts run the entire month of September. There are eight subspecies of moose recognized, and the Alaska-Yukon race (Alces alces gigas) is the largest.

Alaska Yukon Moose are the largest of the Moose Species and are found across Alaska. An adult bull can top the scales between twelve and sixteen hundred pounds.

Our bulls must be 50” or have 4-brow tines to be legal. Our average Alaska-Yukon Moose has a spread of 57”. We take 60” to 65” bulls every year. Pioneer Outfitters has a very near 100% kill rate on bulls of a trophy class.


Alaska-Yukon Moose

In the Spring and Summer, the bulls are mostly loners that spend most of their days feeding on willows, birch and aspen twigs in the higher mountain valleys.

The lush forage, which is abundant during the summer months, gives the necessary nourishment to aid in the trophy size growth of their antlers, which are covered with soft velvet. Their antlers begin to harden in late August.

Horses are used on all hunts with Pioneer Outfitters.

You will ride 4-8 hours a day and cover 6-15 miles on an average day’s hunt. We hunt in the timber and at the timberline. Moose will not usually roam great distances, but sometimes can be very hard to catch up with.

With the shorter days and colder frosty nights the bulls will begin to rub the velvet from their antlers starting later in August.

Early September our moose will be in the timber and scattered out throughout the valley. In later September, the moose will start to push up above the timberline.

With normal weather conditions the rut will begin in late September. Our bulls generally start the rut
around the 15th of September, give or take a few days.

In Chisana, our Alaska-Yukon Moose population tends to be heavily browed with incredibly heavy palms. Mature and in their prime.

12 Days, 1×1, Alaska-Yukon Moose (single)… $16,900.00

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $2,200.00.

Pioneer Outfitters Combination Hunts:
12 Days, 1 x 1, 2- Specie Hunt (any combo)… $20,900.00
20 Days, 1 x 1, All Game Hunt… $32,900.00
30 Days, All Game Hunts … $42,900.00

At a cost of $1,000.00 per day, you may purchase up to 5 extra days to add onto ANY 12-Day Hunt.

We can tailor any Hunt to suit your needs, just ask!

There are #4, 20 Day All Game Hunts per fall season.

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $4,400.00.

There are #4, 30 Day All Game Hunts per fall season.

A non-hunting companion may accompany this hunt for an additional $6,600.00.

Seasons & extra critters:
Interior Mountain Grizzly Bear: No closed season
Dall Sheep: August 10- September 20
Alaska-Yukon Moose: September 1- September 30

Other Critters:
Timber Wolf: August 10- May 31
Wolverine: September 1- March 31
Black Bear: No Closed Season

☆The Last Hunt of the Season, our 4th Hunt is an archery hunter’s dream.

During our last hunt, we offer our hunters extra days after Alaska-Yukon Moose season closes, to focus completely on our Interior Mountain Grizzly Bears, if they haven’t already harvested yet.

The rut comes late in September and the big old bulls finally come to roust the younger bulls and makes bow hunting exciting and incredibly rewarding for both our clients and our guides.

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Big Game Hunting FAQ’s

New Hunt Schedule (12 Day Time Frames)

FIRST HUNT (Aug 8- Aug 22)

  • Arrive CZN               August 8
  • Hunt                           August 10-21
  • Depart CZN              August 22

SECOND HUNT (Aug 22- Sept 4)

  • Arrive CZN               August 22
  • Hunt                           August 23- September 3
  • Depart CZN              September 4

THIRD HUNT (Sept 4- Sept 17)

  • Arrive CZN               September 4
  • Hunt                           September 5- September 16
  • Depart CZN              September 17

FOURTH HUNT (Sept 19- Oct. 1)

  • Arrive CZN               September 19
  • Hunt                           September 20- September 30
  • Depart CZN              October 1

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