Winter Predator Hunts

The Winter Predator Hunts are amazing Alaska Wintertime adventures and the ultimate Alaska Wintertime experience for any trapper or hunter.

Experienced trapper or a novice exploring a new outdoor experience, it makes no difference.

Pioneer Outfitters experienced guides and trappers will accompany on this adventure of a lifetime.

Check existing trap-lines, set traps, learn the wintertime habits of Alaska’s predators and harvest beautiful furs in the remote Alaska mountains.

Winter Predator Hunts:

Winter Predator Hunts:

Our Winter Predator Hunt schedule is flexible. We have trap lines out all winter and Spring as the Season’s permit.

The best time for these excursions are from late February to the end of April.

We use snow-machines on these excursions and they are generally based out of our Lodge in Chisana. This offers warm and welcoming end to every day.

February through April Price per person, 10 Days…$5,500.00

Off trail snowmobile riding in the magnificent Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, which is unsurpassed in its beauty, will give you the experience of a lifetime.

We have lynx, wolverine, coyote, three color phases of fox (Cross, Silver and Blue), Red Fox, otter, mink and martin. Some or all these critters can be taken on this winter adventure.

We use snowmobiles on all of our Winter Excursions- especially running trap lines.

The many hours you will spend on our extensive trap lines gives you the chance to experience the wilds of Interior Alaska as well as the opportunity to encounter all species of fur animals, small game, birds as well as the ever present, elusive Timber Wolf.

You will also have the option of some excellent upland bird hunting, including three types of Ptarmigan as well as Spruce and Rough Grouse.

Experience the awesome and soul touching realization of the Great North Country of secluded Alaska in mid-winter. 

Mountains cut into the crystalline blue of the arctic sky, sundogs dancing, disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere, to leave you breathless, again and again.

The pitch black night of space comes alive with the twinkling of billions of more stars than you’ve ever seen before, glowing brilliant white with edges trimmed in reds and blues.

Excellent food and comfortable accommodations will set the mood for an unforgettable winter vacation.  Satellite TV is available and hundreds of movies to pick from our private collection.

Photography, snowmobile riding, ice-fishing or just holed-up in a warm comfortable cabin- if that is your pleasure.

Beautiful, breathtaking Northern Lights are frequently seen.

Visit the old gold mining sites. Photograph the Alaska Yukon Moose, the majestic Mountain Caribou, Dall sheep and an abundance of small game and birds.

Snowshoeing is available and please feel welcome to bring your cross country skis, if that is your pleasure.

Our Winter Predator Hunts are tons of fun and being out on the snowmobiles each day brings not only the rewards of the trap lines and wild critters you may encounter, but of the immense and beautiful frozen world we share with those wild critters.

The harsh and forbidding land of the Interior is home. To all the wild things that live here, and to us. We will show you how to not only survive in this land, but to enjoy it safely and in all the ways available to us and through us, to you.

Wintertime in Alaska is something special to experience to the fullest.

With experienced guides at your side and arctic gear on hand here at Pioneer Outfitters, you will be able to travel miles in any direction much faster (sadly, LOL) than any other time by horse, to see the Last Frontier, the untouched Alaskan wilderness, in it’s pristine white dress, as so few people ever do.

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