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Alaska Chick~I did an interview with Peter Wood from Monday morning. The questions he asked me kind of stuck with me, not because of the questions themselves, but what I realized my mind was immersed in, and it wasn’t what he wanted to chat about! (I’ll share that with you soon!) As any of you who have been here a little while and gotten to know me a little, I’m pretty much all about our lives here in Chisana.

The Big 4 ~ Pass or Fail~
There has been talk that we (Pioneer Outfitters) may not be exactly as I seem to feel the need to broadcast to the world across Social Media. Hmm. Ok. Well, there will always be people who fear what they want so badly. What if we are the best? Then what? The ball would be in their court then.

I can tell you why we are who and what we are. Here are the Big 4. The Big 4 are the foundation of Pioneer Outfitters. The reason this blog, Alaska Chick’s Blog was started with the idea of allowing folks to get to know us, feel comfortable with us. Share lots of information, tips and make some friends. Yes, and to do business. Not necessarily with someone here, but maybe you mention us, because you liked something you heard or read, to someone and that one, well~you know about connections.Alaska Horseback Adventures

The Big 4 starts with strength.
STRENGTH  So much comes down to strength. Physical strength, certainly, without it and endurance, what we do couldn’t be done.  More, I believe, is the need for inner strength. Mental muscle. Determination. Distinctness. Singular. Ego.

SKILLS  Personal attributes include the physical, mental, emotional characteristics of the individual.  Physical strength and endurance are critical, as is bravery and the ability to quickly and clearly analyze a situation and instantly act. This individual makes more of an effort, and persists longer to become the very best. Learned skills include mastery of rifle, pistol and bow, water crossings, mountain climbing,  hunting, sign reading, tracking, horsemanship, trapping, and survival under extreme weather conditions.Judging animals is an important skill.

LEADERSHIP  Leadership is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. A leader is “a person capable of inspiring and associate others with a dream.” People come to Chisana with a dream, it is our job to help them to fulfill it. Learning, then knowing, when to push, when to coax. When to act, or react. Starting fresh every 10 days. Clean slate. No matter how the guide feels inside; past success, past failure, it all starts fresh every 10, 14, 21 or 30 days with a new client, a new personality.

GUIDING  Guiding is to assist. To accompany,  to supply, to supervise, to lead, to advise and to force (in each reference book I researched in!). One that leads or directs another person’s way, or show the way to be followed, has intimate knowledge of the way and of all its difficulties and dangers, explains points of interest and shares information, showing the way and often keeping those that follow under control and in order, an ability to keep to a course and stresses the capacity of maneuvering correctly,  suggests guidance over a dangerous or complicated course, finding ways to avoid or overcome difficulties in achieving an end or carrying out a plan, one that is there, for protection, guidance and companionship.Guiding is The Big 4.

We’re about being the best we can be – in training and during crunch-time, in blistering heat and bitter cold. Whatever the conditions, whatever the Adventure, Pioneer Outfitters delivers the advantage of experienced, professional guides and the great land in which to do it all. What does it take? (Other than thick skin!) The Big 4 is what being the best takes.Alaska Adventures

We here, at Pioneer Outfitters, try to be very clear when taking on a new trainee about the hardships. Yet, still they come, drawn, in spite of the possible dangers, personal risks and discomforts to lead a life that is arduous, potentially dangerous, and at times, down-right miserable.  Some, like those that will join the Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro Team Guides are drawn to the wilderness and life in the mountains. A sense of adventure, freedom, independence, love of the outdoors, and the twin challenges of hardship and danger.

~Do you know when the first use of the word “Guide” was? (no cheating!) …ok, that’s a little off the wall, the 14th Century.

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