Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Dall Sheep

Let’s chat about Dall sheep! Welcome back to my campfire tonight. Tonight, Master Guide Terry Overly is going to chat with us about Dall sheep and answer some questions about Pioneer Outfitters Dall sheep hunts too.

Dall sheep, the majestic white animal that watches over all that goes on below from the high peaks of the mountains that surround us in Chisana.

Alrighty, fair warning: this video is our longest chat yet. We have not discussed Dall sheep as yet in one of our chats and there is a lot of information to cover!

Let’s chat!

Dall Sheep

Our sheep season begins August 10th and runs through September 20th. Many people ask when the best time for booking their sheep hunt is from the beginning to the end of the season.

There is no perfect answer. Much of it depends upon the weather and where the sheep happen to be as the weather does it’s own unpredictable thing. Personally, I like any time frame after the first one. I like to have the input of the first hunt’s guides and have some sort of idea where the sheep are hanging out, how harassed they might have been and who or what else may be in that area.

The last sheep hunt time frame, (our third time frame) historically meant there would be snow in the mountains and the cooler weather would bring the rams down a bit lower on the mountainsides. This doesn’t always happen, but it is a nice thought.

Dall Sheep

Dall sheep hunting is an incredible accomplishment. It is one of those critters that should fill you with a wondrous sense of accomplishment, simply by hunting it. It requires more heart and determination than anything else, and gives so much to those who would try.

Over the years, both since Master Guide Terry Overly began as well as the 20+ years I have spent here myself, the populations of Dall sheep have changed significantly. This is a complete truth.

Another complete truth is that the changes in Alaska Hunting Regulations have made field judging Dall sheep more difficult. In this is there is no room for error.

What do these truths mean to a potential hunter? These truths make it even more important that your choice in a Professional Outfitter and guide must be the right one.

Sheep hunting is not about killing a ram. Hunting for Dall sheep is about pushing all of the barriers in your own mind and body. It is about pursuing an animal that is an expert at spotting threats from high vantage points and avoiding them.

Dall Sheep

At Pioneer Outfitters we have many different camps that we hunt Dall sheep out of. Some are hair-raising-scary-difficult and some are a walk in the Park. Both are hard. Both are faced and conquered the exact same way: one step at a time.

Pioneer Outfitters takes pride in the fact that the guides representing Pioneer Outfitters in the field are dedicated to both Pioneer and their own professional ethics. We will not risk your hard earned trophy being taken away from you by the State when you have your sheep sealed.

As a high-dollar hunt, Dall sheep hunters seem to have a much more difficult time simply relaxing into their adventure and enjoying what they came to do.

Dall Sheep

Here is another Dall sheep TRUTH: You attract what you focus on. Focus on the glory of where you are, enjoy your guide and helper’s company ~ that is what they are there for after all, don’t get hard on yourself climbing the mountains whether you are walking up a grass covered incline or scaling rocks ~ congratulate yourself on the fact that you can and are climbing with each step and most of all stay positive ~ your guide will not quit as long as you do not and your ram can be just over the next rise!

We hope that you enjoyed this Campfire Chat about Dall sheep. If there were any questions that we didn’t get to, please feel welcome to ask them below in the comment area or visit our Contact Us page for Master Guide Terry Overly to call and chat with you personally about these beautiful white sheep.

Here are a few more awesome pages to help inform you on Dall Sheep, Pioneer Outfitters Guides and how we do what we do.

Ready? Let’s go sheep hunting!


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