Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Be Fearless Now!

As I reviewed the list of questions from people all over Social Media for our chats around the campfire, I found myself hesitating with my finger over the schedule button. After recently writing a post titled #MyThreeWords, Be. Fearless. Now!, it became clear very quickly that this was a step that had to be taken.

Tonight around the fire, we will not be chatting about a question asked. Instead we will share with you how we each feel about Fearless during the Year of the Horse as our focus.

Let’s chat!

~ I’ll say it for you, right here: GROAN.

We couldn’t believe that putting the fire in the line of sight (hoping for a difference in lighting issues) would cause such NOISE! LOL, ah, well, live and learn.

Each member of our Team had some really great perceptions of what it will mean for us to go through the year ahead with “Fearless” front and center.

Master Guide Terry Overly gets crazy excited when we speak of it and I am going to get him to the Campfire a whole lot more in the coming weeks.

Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge stressed that “We all fear something.” Makinzi is focused on the fact that we must overcome this fear to become fearless.

Alaska Guide Trainee Kaleb “Kiki” Kiper gave his approval for having a Team project to work on so many levels for our personal and professional growth. “Determination” is the word Kiki kept bringing to the discussion.

Stay the Path, is my own “determination”, and I believe that each will keep us facing whatever we fear we dig up over the next months.

CZN-Gammy, or Nancy Williams added the soul touching, “Fear is a lack of Faith.” And the light that shines in each of us, all.

Alaska Guide Trainee Wesley Koch really made me think when he told me what Fearless meant to him. “To say the things that need to be said, in the way that you want them to be heard.

WOW. Yes. How terrible when you are trying to share your experience, knowledge, thoughts or feelings and the words do not translate to the one you are speaking to well enough for them to understand what you are saying. We need to take note of this one, each of us. How much less stressful or turbulent would our lives be if we understood each other?

And my own little Alaska Chick-let was included. The deciding factor to allow a 6 year-old to offer her input on our Campfire Chats was that while during our meetings and discussions, the Chick-let for reasons all her own, offered this, “Mom, I know what Fearless is. Fearless is ‘Never give up’ and ‘Never stop fighting’. I want to say what I think too.” Well ok then. A little bit camera shy but that was to be expected!

I hope you enjoyed this Campfire Chat! (Noise and all, sorry about that!) Leave a question for us to answer and we’ll gather some wood for a fire and a chat.

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6 Responses to Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Be Fearless Now!

    • LOL, I’ll get there!
      Umm, about the rest, however- remember, we had them do the “dip” last Summer. I sincerely DOUBT you’ll get them to do anything that includes “Polar” in a plunge! LOLOLOL!!
      Thanks, Betsy, for watching!

  1. I loved,loved,loved this one! Hey, the crackle just made you lean forward and listen..just like sitting right there with you!
    You need to do more interviews! I knew you’d be great after the Nat. Geo. one, but this topped that! Get those TV peeps to come to you..your OWN show! :) and more with the crew..yes!
    Is Bella 6 and 3/4 going on 30?? She’s got alot of Mom’s moxie for sure.
    I felt so good seeing you sitting in big snowflakes..hehehe..I’ve been waiting for that. The Red Bull was a nice touch..snicker..did it freeze?
    Seriously..this one was Awesome..both you all and the message!

    As Always ~*~

    • Aww! I am so glad you liked it!! TOTAL FRUSTRATION!!
      LOL, what a nightmare!
      Bella? Oh yes. Isn’t THAT special?! LOL, she keeps the boys chasin’ their own tails trying to keep up!
      No, my Rock Star didn’t freeze…exactly… it did get quite slushy, however!
      Thanks, Ann!

  2. I really likeed this a great job, remember when in the beginging you were asking for suggestions on doing the chat , I mentioned it would be interesting to view the team put a face to everyone at Pioneeer Outfiters who , what,why where and how all of you eneded up out there, this was a great start a FEARLESS step , I love to see Terry ,Nancy ,Wes, Mackinze , and Bella I miss all of you it was good to se everyones face , and Terry grew his beard and mustache its all one now looks good makes him look younger and of course my princess in the light. When people see all of you and get to know you it puts a personal touch to all of you and makes your viewers feel connected to you. I like it a lot , these are coming along really nice , I agree with Ann (two thumbs up) . Bring on the TV .

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