Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Wild Alaska

Welcome! Come on over and lets chat some more about Wild Alaska and some of the amazing world we are surrounded by here in Chisana.

Chisana is located in a fly-in area of the remote and majestic Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. We are also deep inside the 13 million acres of the largest of the National Parks in the United States. The Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

Let’s chat!

There is just no better way to experience real Alaska, a true wilderness and the wild places that surround us than the way we do it ~ on horseback.

The majestic mountains that loom and surround us, the glaciers that redefine all sense of size and the icy rivers that rage all the way to the sea.

The wildlife is amazing and riding through the wilderness on horseback gives you a better view and unnoticed approach to get the photographs unlike the photographs taken from buses and tours ~ exactly like everyone elses.

Simply breathing the clean air and drinking the most delicious water on the planet will rejuvenate your basic needs. Sitting back in the evenings after a delicious meal, enjoying your campfire, listening to the crackle or laughing about the day will refresh you and relax you unlike you have ever been.

Climbing the mountains, racing back down shale slides, exploring the deep cracks in the glacier ice, spending a day panning for gold or fishing for dinner; it’s all a day in the Park.

Here is one last piece of the very real and wild Alaska. The Northern Lights.

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