Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Dinners Ready!

Welcome back! Tonight I thought we would talk about a topic that comes up quite often after someone has scheduled his or her Adventure. Dinners Ready so let’s chat about what you can expect from us, either here at the Lodge or out in the wilderness, in camp in terms of what kinds of food we serve you.

Let’s chat!

Dinners Ready!

So how was that? Did I cover what you would want to know if and when you have your Adventure? That is really the most important point, you know. It is your Adventure don’t be shy! If there is anything you might be worried about especially in concerns to your health, be sure to let us know.

I may have mentioned Eskimo Donuts in the video. They are very special bread, made only for the Adventures we take. I asked once; when I was learning this treasured recipe, why go through so much to simply make bread. The answer I was given was that depending on the region our guests come from, bread is an important part of meals and often served with every meal, in some form.

Well, why not just send more loaves of bread then? Other than the fact that the idea was simply boring and bordering on lazy, I was also taught how to send enough bread to each camp to last the duration of the Adventure or trip. One loaf of bread makes 10 sandwiches. We make two sandwiches for each lunch, each day: One peanut butter and jelly and one meat and cheese. Each person on a ten-day Adventure then, would account for two loaves of bread!

The Eskimo Donuts are a particularly wonderful bread that can be used as toast for breakfast or even a garlic bread to accompany dinner.

No, you cannot have the recipe, sorry about that but it was a very special gift, passed down from the miners to Lou Anderton, back in the early 1900’s from the Chisana Gold Rush, then passed to his partner’s wife Elizabeth Hickethier, Master Guide Terry Overly’s Mom, to Terry’s wife Deb, then to myself and I feel very honored to be included.

Don’t worry; I will have a batch of fresh Eskimo Donuts ready for your Adventure too! Dinners ready, come eat!

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