(Extra Special New Video!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, The Northern Lights

No, I am not confused! I wanted to share this magical moment with you all, even without the welcoming heat from my campfire!  The Northern Lights are a magical dance in the night sky and one I never tire of watching, no matter how cold it gets!

The tricky part is that I have to remove my gloves to take the photos! Thus, since I first figured out how to photograph the Aurora Borealis, I have frost-bitten my finger tips so many times that even chilly nights makes them hurt.

~ The price we pay… sometimes is paid willingly and with giddy knowledge.

Sharing this through Campfire Chat seemed like the right choice, since I have been waiting to have the opportunity to share the incredible display we are the happy audience of with you since we began filming our Chats out by the fire.

My cabin is surrounded and tucked into the trees pretty tight- so when I caught a glimpse over the tops of the tall and old Spruce trees, I knew that my opportunity had arrived! I called over to the Lodge and badgered and browbeat my video side kick into going out to the river with me (yes, including making reference to his questionable manhood) to get pictures and attempt to take video of the display that was just beginning to shoot over the mountaintops.

The Chisana River is not completely frozen yet- as you can see in some of the photos- the lights reflecting on the open water in the channel closest to the bank, and there really isn’t much snow yet at all.

I hope with all my heart that you enjoy this quick video of the Northern Lights.


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8 Responses to (Extra Special New Video!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, The Northern Lights

    • Aww! I am so happy you came to see them!
      Now, remember, I have help with the mind-boggling editing and timing! LOL, I don’t know how I could do it (so well) without my handy partner, Kiki!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Yes. I have seen, but not since I learned how to capture them, the reds, blues and what I call the “witches cauldron”. They (the displays) are all simply magical and amazing. They are the one thing anyone can ALWAYS wake me in the middle of the night for!

  1. WOW absolutely beautiful
    My daughter swears they’re an urban myth LOL While there for a week everyone kept telling her team where to go and see them and the lights never came out to play.
    BTW great music choice

    • LOL! Lady Bren, that is so funny! They are so very magical, at their least powerful even, that they are indeed the “stuff” legends are made of…
      I have had folks that leave disappointed too, for never getting to see and watch them, in person, sometimes. But they are a huge blessing that comes from something that can’t be planned or scheduled and they truly are worth the wait.
      ~ If you or your daughter can think of anything you’d like to know, let me know and we’ll work it into it’s own Chat soon too!
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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