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Wintertime Alaska, Your Holiday and Adventure

It is wintertime here in Alaska! Everywhere you look, everything is dressed in pristine white and it looks so new and magical.

The cold-cold air, the sounds of snowmachines warming up and snow crunching beneath your boots, the white puffs of air as your breath comes through your face-mask and frosted eyelashes weighing each blink.

Wintertime Alaska

Wintertime Alaska

It is a time of year here in Alaska where life can be very dangerous, it’s true, but it is also an experience that cannot be missed, so be sure to be prepared and share the experience with someone who knows what to expect.

Just a few days ago, one of our team came back into the Lodge after hauling water and told us what he had seen just moments before: a pack of 13 (thirteen!) Timber Wolves loping down the center of the river, all lined out. Of course, my own first response was “Did you get pictures?!” No. Ugh, how can this be? (Always, always, always take your camera!)

So, it got me excited for what the days ahead may bring and thought I should remind you all, that wintertime in Alaska is a fabulous holiday, no matter what month the calendar is on, and it is always an adventure!

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