C’est La Vie, the Alaska Wilderness

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We, here at Pioneer Outfitters, operate year-round in the remote interior of the Alaska wilderness. We offer you, our guests and clients, our expertise in the unforgiving and amazing Last Frontier. To guide you safely, into, through and over the great land we live in.

And yet. Life does tend to interfere. Even when it seems you couldn’t possibly fit it in or deal with anything more, life interferes.

C’est La Vie, the Alaska Wilderness

C'est La Vie, in the Alaska WildernessYou get sick, your family’s car breaks down, you get phone calls or emails from home and they are full of tears, problems and missing you’s; this is life, interfering.

As a Professional Guide, in the field with clients, guiding, these are the things that interfere with where your mind is focused. Things and feelings that have to be worked with and dealt with to continue doing what we do.

Our guests and clients are 99% from out of State and about 10% of them are from other countries. They are with us here in Chisana for 10, 14, 20 and sometimes 30 days. That is all the the time we have, to show, see and do what our clients and guests have come for.

Life interferes. C’est La Vie! (Such is life!)

C'est La Vie, in the Alaska WildernessThe wind blows hard, it can rain days on end, you may wake to two feet of snow on the ground and still coming down, these are Nature’s whims. (As I love to remind folks, I am not in charge of the weather!)

The point of it all is, somethings you cannot fix or do anything about. What remains a fact, a responsibility and part of a Professional Guide’s job, is know when and how to work with it.

It is a Professional Guide’s job to do all you can to fulfilled the dreams of the clients and guests of Pioneer Outfitters.

Then? Do more.

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  1. “(As I love to remind folks, I am not in charge of the weather!)”
    I’d bet my left boot you’ve tried though! *snicker..I think that falls under the “Do more.” !!

    As Always ~*~

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