Chisana Gold Rush

The Chisana Gold Rush

Pioneer Outfitters will take you on a journey that was first made in 1891.

The last historic gold rush began in earnest in 1913 and turned the native Athabascan community into what would become the largest log cabin settlement in the state of Alaska, for a brief time.

Bonanza, Big Eldorado, and Little Eldorado Creeks, are the creeks at which we will teach you how to pan for gold. The remains of the old Chisana Whore House will trigger memories of old movies, which will help you see how life was so long ago.

Chisana Gold Rush
Jim Moody’s place at The Old Chisana Gold Rush mine.

With the remaining prospectors and miners that still mine for gold in the area, Pioneer Outfitters will share the planning and theories that inspired and directed the first prospectors to find and follow the gold.

Pioneer Outfitters Guides will lead you over the Old Goat Trail. One old timer, George Hazelet, who traversed it in mid-July 1913, described this so-called “goat trail” as:

“an extremely dangerous place for horses, . . . being simply a sheep trail widened to about two feet. The drop to the bottom is as much as two thousand feet in places and should horse or man lose his footing he could not stop till he reached the bottom.” (It is magnificent!)

In 1913, thousands of stampeders made the treacherous journey through rugged country by whatever means possible to reach the new found mining district. Chisana soon became known as “the largest log cabin town in the world.”

This was was a short boom, only lasting a few years, but an important part of the history of this area.

Nestled in a remote valley between the Nutzotin and Wrangell Mountains, the Chisana mining district provides visitors with a unique glimpse of Alaska’s gold rush era.

Unlike many better known and more accessible regions, this area retains extensive evidence of its early mining use, including the deteriorating remains of two towns; numerous tent camps, various water diversion and delivery systems; a full range of hand, hydraulic, and mechanical mining operations; and a well-developed transportation network.

Chisana Gold Rush

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