On the Clock and Off the Grid

Earlier this week we shared our new Campfire Chat video, Living Off the Grid. Today, let us consider what our lives really need to be happy with and whether we are on the clock or living off the grid what is really required from us.

The Right Mindset

We all desire happiness in our lives, no matter what our personal financial or familial situations may be. Can it really be as simple as “You are as happy as you choose to be.” Or as Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Off the Grid

It really is that simple. I believe that having a good grasp and habit already in place of gratitude helps us to choose to be happy.

And what is the single most important part of living off the grid? The right mindset!

The Right Mindset

Living off the grid requires five (5) things, as we discussed during the last Campfire Chat.

  • The right place. (A place where building codes do not apply)
  • Power generation
  • Water collection system
  • Waster disposal system
  • The right mindset

Without the right mindset, your house or cabin will not be ready and operational without “magic” power, water or heat! Without this right mindset, living off the grid will be too hard and too unreasonable living away from the noise and hustle of the general population.

Living a fulfilled and happy lifetime requires us to have the right mindset. This doesn’t mean living the way I find fulfillment, the way to happiness found online or your best friend’s way of happiness, but your own.

The Right Mindset

The right mindset is what we look for in a new Alaska Guide Trainee. Yes, we are more connected than most places in the wilderness and even some who live in the mainstream population. There are some major differences, however.

The bandwidth that allows us to stay connected to the world at large is a major part of the business of Pioneer Outfitters. It allows us to stay in touch with potential clients, to answer questions that scheduled clients and guests are accustomed to having answered easily and quickly, to advertise, so that we are visible and available to those who may want to connect and to stay in the loop in regards to flights coming into Chisana, emergency needs and keeping relationships and family close.

The downside of this connectivity is that it is also specifically not for games, downloading videos and wasting time.

Master Guide Terry Overly had a bit of disheartening insight into the changes even we here have seen in Trainees and Professional Guides over the last couple decades. When asked (and poked, hounded and prodded) why it seemed so hard (so much harder than I remember from the time I joined Pioneer Outfitters) for these people to dedicate themselves, be loyal and to show any kind of longevity he said it was quite simply too much input.

Pals texting and Face Book-ing each other while they are out partying, having a great time with friends, hunting their backyards or simply living what seems to be when looking back at (with our natural rose-colored memories) a wonderful, gimme, relaxing and fun life.

Or coming to a place so foreign and different from anything you have ever known, and calling home each day (sometimes 2-3 times a day), creating a longing and homesickness that is insurmountable. (There is a very good reason that while in boot camp you are only allowed periodic phone privileges.)

This is not supportive, dear much treasured and loved family; this makes settling into a Trainee’s new life and direction almost impossible. It is, in very blunt terms, setting the Trainee up for failure.

Without the right mindset, nothing is ever good, right or enough. Without the right mindset, you are closed to any enlightenment or understanding, learning or advancement that Chisana or in the Professional Guiding industry (or your new life, living off the grid).

There is nothing more frustrating in this world of online information that tells you that you need this one thing to reach that other thing… and yet it never says precisely or exactly what that is! So I will not do that here.

Now, I have to remind you that Alaska Chick’s Blog is written by just plain old me, Amber-Lee. A farm girl from New York State. A Untied States Navy Veteran. An Alaska Professional Guide. An author and an instructor. A Mother of two scary-brilliant humans who are already so much more than I have struggled to be.

This is what I have learned to be true.

The Right Mindset

  • A willingness to listen. To hear without planning out your own disagreements or even agreeable responses.LISTEN: to attend or concentrate, to give one’s attention, to be ready to hear, to make an effort to hear, to give consideration.
  • The willingness to learn. Not simply what is unknown, but if the thing to be learned is different than what you are accustomed to, it may need to be unlearned and relearned in a new way. Anything can be learned; it only requires a desire and dedication to do so.
  • Failures are opportunities. Mistakes, set-backs and failures are simply opportunities to do it again, in a better, more informed and focused way. Everyone makes mistakes. Most people make TONS of mistakes! Get back up, brush yourself off and try again! And don’t forget to share your own blunders with others; this has two very important advantages. One is that speaking of a mistake or failure helps us “hear” what it is that didn’t work, how it made us feel, the dangers involved and also allows us to “hear” ourselves not giving up. Lesson learned. The second positive side of sharing your own mistake is that it could possibly help someone else not make the same mistake, or one with an even more dangerous result.
  • It is NOT easy. Yep. It’s true! There is absolutely nothing that is simply going to be easy, come easy or happen easily. It is going to be hard. It is probably even going to be harder at some point than anything else you have ever faced, attempted or done in your life. (No, it doesn’t matter what “it” is.)
  • Don’t quit. Nothing worth having is ever easy. Quitting is easy. It may seem hard, but all in all, quitting is just the easiest way to avoid the learning curve, the mistakes, setbacks, failures and hard work. Don’t quit.

On top of everything, underneath it all; always remember you are not alone. The right mindset is a learned one. Ask for help. People are waiting to help you.


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4 Responses to On the Clock and Off the Grid

  1. YUppers..You all DO have the righr “Mind Set” (just knowing how to poke Terry is an art..lol)

    Thanks for sharing..It’s ALWAYS good to be reminded..esp. those of us who live with all the comfort..though I’m one who can’t wait to do with out them both there with you guys and camping!!! Uggg..Winter!

    AS Always ~*~

    • Lol, I am not sure I know the best way- but I certainly do the poking!
      Always, for us all, for sure. It is easy to forget when stuff starts going wrong, or it becomes emotional and drama reigns. Living with all the comforts doesn’t make life any easier- not really, and it helps to remember that too. It is simply a new way of thinking.
      We will get out, get away and totally immerse ourselves in what really matters… friends and the beautiful world that surrounds us.
      HOW many more days??

  2. Mindset really does matter. Thanks for this healthy does of inspiration and reminder that each of us gets to choose our experience – even when we don’t choose our circumstances.

    You rock, Amber-Lee!

    • I absolutely love that, Alli ~ “…each of us gets to choose our experience – even when we don’t choose our circumstances.”
      Mindset is (attitude is… ) everything. For everyone of us, from the most powerful and busy CEO to my little girl fighting me every single step of the way, trying to avoid “school”. It is our choice. I tell Bella constantly ~ it is up to her, whether she is going to be happy – or not.
      Thank you for being here, Alli
      ~ Amber-Lee

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